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4/7/12 Literary Art: Kelli Anne Noftle & Julia Bloch

4/7/12 Literary Art: Kelli Anne Noftle & Julia Bloch

After a brief hiatus in March, we invite you to join us for a reading by Kelli Anne Noftle and Julia Bloch at Agitprop on Saturday, April 7 at 7pm. Kelli Anne Noftle grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia. She has a B.A. in Visual Art and is a graduate of the Master of Professional Writing...

10/13-15 San Diego BRAINBOMB 2 FESTIVAL OF 4D SOUND and VISUALS (3 nights)

SxDx NOISE and Operation: MINDBLOW present an adventurous celebration of sound and visual performances with emphasis on improvisation and the energies that emerge utilizing the power of intuition and instinct, getting weird, hurling ourselves into the void, embracing vulnerability, and throwing our nuts on the roulette wheel. This will be three nights of true artistic...