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AGITPROPdiscourse | AGITPROP http://agitpropspace.org Knowledge toolkits to go Sun, 14 Feb 2016 17:45:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.6.1 There Goes the Neighborhood! 2012 Updated Schedule http://agitpropspace.org/2012/05/27/there-goes-the-neighborhood-updated-schedule/ http://agitpropspace.org/2012/05/27/there-goes-the-neighborhood-updated-schedule/#comments Mon, 28 May 2012 03:49:16 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=6382 4x6-front-sl

There Goes the Neighborhood! is a four day event that positions “the neighborhood” as a fluid institution of creative production, critical thinking and intersecting interests. Collaborations among artists, residents, small businesses, universities and local activists will culminate in a series of workshops, talks, installations, performances and tours that center around the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, with satellite events at the UCSD campus and the San Diego Museum of Art (in conjunction with the opening night of the Summer Salon Series).

This year the focus of the There Goes the Neighborhood is “the neighborhood” as a nexus of global conditions which manifest themselves in local, everyday, situations. These issues range from transportation networks to means of food production to how information (and knowledge) is disseminated publicly. The first iteration of There Goes the Neighborhood! took place in June of 2010 and focused on issues relating to gentrification and how art can play a role in neighborhood revitalization and can also be complicit in the displacement of existing groups by those moving in. There Goes the Neighborhood takes as its “fundamental organizing assumption the notion that individuals are inherently active, thoughtful, innovative and engaged citizens.” So please join us in examining these issues. The project is not complete without your participation!

There Goes the Neighborhood! May 31st – June 3rd 2012

Schedule of Events


Thursday May 31st

3pm – 5:30pm In and With – Part I a conversational forum moderated by David White

Friday June 1st

5pm – 6:30pm Wayfinding Seminar with Mario Borja and Micki Davis
6:30pm – 7pm Re-locating a University presentation and sculpture by David White
7:30pm – 9pm In and With – Part II: How do knowledge and information flow?
a panel discussion with Todd Gloria, Anchi Mei, Brian Goldfarb, and Xavier Leonard;
moderated by David White

Saturday June 2nd

10am – noon Brunch with Strangers
noon – 2pm Photography workshop with Shane Anderson and Zach Parks at Agitprop
1pm – 3pm Un-Photography workshop with Andrew Printer at Art Produce
2pm – 4pm Bicycle tour of thrift stores with Joy Boe and Josh Bellfy
2pm – 4pm Silkscreening workshop with Eddie Miramontes
2pm – 4pm Music at Whistlestop
2pm – 6pm Streetcar tours with Beryl Forman, Xavier Leonard, Leslie Ryan, and Randolph Van Vleck
6pm – 10pm Hard Shoulder opening reception of new work by Shane Anderson at Agitprop
8pm – 10pm Poetry reading at Agitprop
8pm – 9pm You Are Here projected films by Glen Wilson
8:30pm – 9:30pm Critical postcards at Art Produce garden
9:30pm – 11:00pm Music by starvelab (Michael Trigilio) and Chris Warren at Art Produce garden

Sunday June 3rd

10am – 1pm Brunch and intercambio at Santos Market
2pm – 4pm Daily Unusual zine workshop at Art Produce
3pm – 7pm Alt. Town Square workshops at the North Park Theatre parking lot
2pm – 4pm Yard by Yard II garden tour with Lesley Stern
6pm – 8pm Hay conexiones entre de los tres: a dinner atop the Landis Street overpass
with Elizabeth Chaney RSVP required, subject heading: DINNER
8pm – 10pm Block party on Landis near I-805 overpass
http://agitpropspace.org/2012/05/27/there-goes-the-neighborhood-updated-schedule/feed/ 1
11/12/11 “PACHANGA ORBITAL” on Sat. @ Mercado de Artesanias de la La Linea http://agitpropspace.org/2011/11/07/111211-%e2%80%9cpachanga-orbital%e2%80%9d-on-sat-mercado-de-artesanias-de-la-la-linea/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/11/07/111211-%e2%80%9cpachanga-orbital%e2%80%9d-on-sat-mercado-de-artesanias-de-la-la-linea/#comments Tue, 08 Nov 2011 07:50:45 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=4542

Hello friends,

The SATELLITE Project will be culminating in “PACHANGA ORBITAL” on Saturday November 12, and we would like you to come celebrate with us at the border!!! All of the work produced by participating artists–Constanza Camelo, Adaptive Actions, Cognate Collective and En Masse–will be on view between 1pm and 7pm.  Elizabeth Chaney will be leading a kite-building workshop using recycled plastic bags that will result in an intervention with children, and there will also be poetry reading by Tijuana’s Collectivo Intrasigente, and a musical intervention spun live by DJ Ganas (aka Gary Garay). As always, there will be plenty of Mexican food to feast on and refreshments to imbibe.  All of this is happening at the Mercado de Artesanias de la La Linea, located in the San Ysidro Port of Entry in Tijuana, B.C., Mexico (Directions included below).

For more information about the event and the artists participating, please visit:


Misael & Amy

cognate collective





If you are Walking across (our suggestion):

Take the 5 South, and exit on “Camino de la Plaza” (last U.S. Exit) and park in one of the lots in San Ysidro near the border. The closest ones are right off the exit “Camino de la Plaza”, one to the right of the intersection (which is $7) and one that is closer that you can reach by going straight past “Camino de la Plaza” on “Camiones Way”. You will walk down “Camiones Way” until you get to the entrance of Mexico, where you will walk past a set of revolving metal doors/turnstiles to enter Tijuana. You will keep walking straight, passing a small checkpoint for people with baggages, and you will KEEP STRAIGHT when you come upon a fork in the paths to get to the streets. You will see that there is a path that diverts you, to your right, leading to a corridor that exits onto the street near a McDonalds. DO NOT TAKE THIS PATH, KEEP STRAIGHT. You will pass another set of revolving doors, and to your left you’ll see a building with a silver-shell-like roof. Pass that building, ritght before getting to the TAXIS (immediately behind the public phones), you will find a pedestrian bridge that will  lead you over the street and cars coming into Mexico, and also over the cars waiting to cross into the US. That bridge will connect you to the market, which is the set of small red shops with billboards on the roof beside the lanes of cars waiting to cross into the US. To get to the market, you will take the path from the bridge that descends past the small fenced off park. You made it!

If you are Driving across (we only suggest this if you are familiar with the city):

Take the 5 South, and exit into Mexico. After you pass under the first bridge move to the right most lane. As you are passing under the 2nd bridge, there will be a street on your immedate right that you will need to take (DO NOT FOLLOW THE LANES THAT TAKE YOU UP THE RAMP). You will then come upon a triple fork in the road, you will have to take the middle lane, so NOT the one to your far left (to the left of the concrete division), and NOT the one that will take you to the street to the right. If you take the middle lane you will pass under a bridge and see a large (strange) mural with icons of the city, and come to a stop sign. Continue straight until the following intersection (at the corner of the Pueblo Amigo Hotel), where you will have to turn left. On this street you will pass a parking lot to your right and a Salon de Fiestas will be on your left. You can park in this lot, but it is a farther walk to the market. So if you want to park closer, continue onto the following intersection, a very large one. You will be able to turn left into one of three lanes: you will want to turn into the one farthest from you, the one closest to the parking lot on the corner (DO NOT TAKE THE MIDDLE LANE–THAT IS THE LINE TO CROSS BACK INTO THE U.S.). The entrance to the lot is off the street to your right (It is $2 for up to 5 hours, and $3 for the entire day). From here, you will walk across the street, and be able to see the lines of cars waiting to cross. Follow the cars north towards the US exit and you will see the market to your left, across the traffic. To get there, you will have to take the pedestrian bridge tha goes over the cars, or you can weave through the cars. You made it!


If you have any questions, ask Misael at mgd001@ucsd.edu, he will draw you a map.


http://agitpropspace.org/2011/11/07/111211-%e2%80%9cpachanga-orbital%e2%80%9d-on-sat-mercado-de-artesanias-de-la-la-linea/feed/ 0
Call for Papers Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts http://agitpropspace.org/2011/11/07/call-for-papers-raceethnicity-multidisciplinary-global-contexts/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/11/07/call-for-papers-raceethnicity-multidisciplinary-global-contexts/#comments Tue, 08 Nov 2011 07:14:00 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=4530 Call for Papers
Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts
Volume 6, Number 3 (Spring 2013)
Grassroots Politics in the Postcolony

Papers must be received by September 15, 2012 to be considered for publication in this issue. Please send manuscript publications to the managing editor: Leslie Shortlidge shortlidge.2@osu.edu. See Style Guidelines at www.raceethnicity.org.

Submission of artwork for the cover that relates to the theme of the issue is welcome. See website for submission guidelines.

Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts encourages and welcomes contributions by scholars, researchers, grassroots activists, policy advocates, and organizations

Submissions are invited to explore the politics of contention and social movements in the postcolonial world (Africa, Asia, and Latin America), with particular regard to the ways in which race and ethnicity relate to identities and claims revolving around class, gender, nationality, and religion. Comparative discussions of social contestation in different societies are welcome.
Guest Editor Franco Barchiesi, Associate Professor in the Department of African American and African Studies at the Ohio State University, and the editorial staff of Race/Ethnicity invite submissions for Volume 6, Number 3, and entitled “Grassroots Politics in the Postcolony.” We welcome submissions from activists, advocates and practitioners working on relevant issues, as well as from scholars in the social sciences and the humanities. In this issue, we look to engage the following questions:

  • How are racial and ethnic identities implicated in collective mobilization (including rural, labor, women, youth, indigenous, and religious movements) in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the “global South”?
  • Is the concept of “social movement” useful to understand contemporary forms of social contention and grassroots politics?
  • How do racial inequalities shape local contentious politics and everyday forms of social contestation?
  • How do claims for racial and ethnic justice relate to grassroots politics in realities of of economic liberalization and privatization?
  • In which ways do intersections of race and ethnicity with current social conflicts interrogate the legacies of nationalism and decolonization?
  • Do processes of migration and diaspora internationalize postcolonial political identities?
  • How do grassroots identities, and their elaborations of race and ethnicity, interrogate political institutions and ideas of citizenship and civil society?
  • How have postcolonial social movements responded to the global economic crisis and its impact on racial and ethnic dynamics?

Contributions from scholars, activists, and social movement participants can include, but are not limited to, case studies, theoretical discussions, and experience-based reflections.
Papers must be received by September 15, 2012 to be considered for publication.
Submission of artwork for the cover that relates to the theme of the issue is welcome. See website at http://www.raceethnicity.org/coverart.html for submission guidelines.


http://agitpropspace.org/2011/11/07/call-for-papers-raceethnicity-multidisciplinary-global-contexts/feed/ 0
11/14 registration deadline: Chronicles of Work 1. Work without Qualities- http://agitpropspace.org/2011/10/31/1114-registration-deadline-chronicles-of-work-1-work-without-qualities/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/10/31/1114-registration-deadline-chronicles-of-work-1-work-without-qualities/#comments Tue, 01 Nov 2011 06:48:21 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=4469

art, science & business/workshop: »Chronicles of Work 1. Work without Qualities«

24November 2011 through 26November 2011
Akademie Schloss Solitude

A Workshop: Discussions, Film Screenings, Performances

With its new central topic, “Chronicles of Work,” Akademie Schloss Solitude initiates a comprehensive interdisciplinary discussion regarding the consequences of the change in work organization within contemporary societies. The workshop “Chronicles of Work 1. Work without Qualities” introduces the topic with the goal of addressing legal professionals, sociologists, economists, philosophers, anthropologists, and artists of all disciplines. During the three-day program, a series of roundtable discussions and presentations will interweave various notions of work processes, work conditions, and work mutations in the context of artistic practices and procedures, as well as, in the fields of economics and law.

Egon Amman, publisher, Berlin
Olaf Bach*, economist, Zurich
Manuel Boutet*, sociologist, Paris
Halton Cheadle, jurist, Cape Town
Bojana Cvejic, dramaturg and performer, Brussels
Tacita Dean, artist, Berlin
Corinne Diserens, curator, Berlin/Brussels
Patricia Falguières, art historian, Paris
Leontxo García, sports journalist and chess commentator, Madrid
Bernardo Gouthier-Macedo, economist, São Paulo
Tamar Guimarães*, artist, Copenhagen
Xavier Le Roy, dancer and choreographer, Berlin
Stefano Mirti, designer, Milan
Mariko Nagai*, writer, Tokyo
Berno Odo Polzer, curator and dramaturg, Brussels
Matthias Sauerbruch and Louisa Hutton, architects, Berlin
Elia Suleiman, filmmaker, Paris
Jalal Toufic, thinker, writer and video artist, Berlin/Beirut
Christophe Wavelet*, performer and curator, Paris

*current or future fellows of Akademie Schloss Solitude

It is indeed the mark of all laboring that it leaves nothing behind, that the result of its effort is almost as quickly consumed as the effort is spent. And yet this effort, despite its futility, is born of a great urgency and motivated by a more powerful drive than anything else, because life itself depends upon it.
Hanna Arendt

The chief defect of all hitherto existing materialism (that of Feuerbach included) is that the thing, reality, sensuousness,
is conceived only in the form of the object or of contemplation, but not as sensuous human activity, practice, not subjectively. Hence, in contradistinction to materialism, the active side was developed abstractly by idealism – which, of course, does not know real, sensuous activity as such. Feuerbach wants sensuous objects, really distinct from the thought objects, but he does not conceive
human activity itself as objective activity.
Karl Marx

The arrow of time is broken: in an economy under constant restructuring that is based on the short-term and hates routine, definite trajectories no longer exist. People miss stable human relations and long-term objectives.
Richard Sennett

Only an interruption in the flow of temporality can change subjectivity, which can in turn be reoriented. At that moment a new process begins, a constitutive process out of which a different form of subjectivity arises. We have to consider the instruments at our disposal to create these partial interruptions in temporality. It’s
essential that we break out of the market’s temporality.
Maurizio Lazzarato

… The question is to give a voice to the body – the body that is usually asked to keep quiet, or not to use another language than this of the gestures prescribed by the tradition of ballet.
Christophe Wavelet

Lygia Clark constantly questions the stable identities of the author, of the object and of the spectator of the aesthetic equation, and defines the radical nature of the work by its potential to bring the capacity of transforming the consciousness of its recipient.
Corinne Diserens

The conference fee, catering included, is 50 euros/ 30 euros (students). The number of participants is limited to 50.
Please register by November 14, 2011:
Karoline Weber, +49 (0)71199619134, kw@akademiesolitude.de

Akademie Schloss Solitude
Solitude 3
70197 Stuttgart
Fax +49 (0) 711 99 61 95 0

Julia Warmers
Tel. +49 (0) 711 99 61 91 35
Email jw@akademie-solitude.de

*Photo credit: “La Pantinoise,” produced in a French tobacco factory, during an occupation by the workers (1982–1983). The package was offered along with a support voucher. The picture is taken from the catalog “Trente-neuf objets de grève présentés par Jean-Luc Moulène.” © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2011

http://agitpropspace.org/2011/10/31/1114-registration-deadline-chronicles-of-work-1-work-without-qualities/feed/ 0
10/29-30/11 Global Forum on Building Digital Commons and Collaborative Communities http://agitpropspace.org/2011/10/09/1029-3011-global-forum-on-building-digital-commons-and-collaborative-communities/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/10/09/1029-3011-global-forum-on-building-digital-commons-and-collaborative-communities/#comments Sun, 09 Oct 2011 20:42:34 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=4264 Forum Building Digital Commons and Collaborative Communities

29th – 30th  October 2011, Barcelona, Catalonia & Online http://www.digital-commons.net

Building Digital Commons and Collaborative Communities is a new initiative aiming to bring together individuals, collective and organizations from different Free and Open Collaborative Communities, Digital Commons Initiatives and Researchers in the area to identify ways to support and learn from each other and collaborate in order to promote together digital commons.


The new technologies offered a big opportunity to create, innovate and collaborate to share and build information and knowledge resources. However, we are living challenging times, with   an ongoing growth of the enclosure of the commons.

i) We want to promote  the ?makers? and ? doers? approach: To increase the visibility of the initiatives that are based on building digital commons.
ii) Systematize experiences & learn from each other (at the legal, infrastructural, sustainable, participation and governance levels).
ii) Map the digital public spaces and promote common actions
iv) Create public procommons references: To underline the distinction between the governance of digital commons and other forms of corporate-providers not based on free and open infrastructure.
v) Build bridges between action and research on commons as a form of governance, production and horizon for social transformation.


We will address collaboratively and critically a series of working lines:

1. Participation and engagement in communities
2. Sustainability formulas and dialogue between social digital economy and cooperativism
3. Mapping a variety of digital commons initiatives and to define a common strategy

A “How to manual on digital commons: participation engagement, sustainability formulas and over all digital commons networking” and a “Digital commons alliance/network” will be the resulting outcomes of the event.

When and Where?

29th  and 30th  of October 2011 physically at the CCCB ( 5th Montalegre str. ? Aula 1) (Barcelona) and online at:http://www.digital-commons.net

See program: http://www.digital-commons.net/program/

How to participate and keep informed?

To attend physically register at: www.digital-commons.net/form/registration

Keep updated and participate online:
Identica & Twitter: @dimmons_forum
Facebook: ForumGlobal Dimmons
IRC: #Dimmons
Visit www.digital-commons.net for the streaming
Engage with the event documentation and collaborative writing at: wiki.digital-commons.net

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Building Digital Commons is an initiative promoted by Amical Viquipedia (http://www.viquimedia.cat) and Institute of Government and Public Policies – Autonomous University of Barcelona (http://igop.uab.cat), and supported by the Wikimedia Foundation (http://wikimediafoundation.org).

http://agitpropspace.org/2011/10/09/1029-3011-global-forum-on-building-digital-commons-and-collaborative-communities/feed/ 0
2837 University questions http://agitpropspace.org/2011/08/26/2837-university-questions/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/08/26/2837-university-questions/#comments Fri, 26 Aug 2011 09:21:38 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=3579 This past Thursday as part of the Summer Salon Series at the San Diego Museum of Art, attendees were asked at the front door to fill out cards that had one of four questions below.  The cards posted here are the cards that were turned in.  You can find more information about the 2837 University project here.

http://agitpropspace.org/2011/08/26/2837-university-questions/feed/ 0
Baltic, Russian and Scandinavian “Arterritory” new website http://agitpropspace.org/2011/07/06/baltic-russian-and-scandinavian-arterritory-new-website/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/07/06/baltic-russian-and-scandinavian-arterritory-new-website/#comments Thu, 07 Jul 2011 07:51:37 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=2683

A brand new art and culture website, Arterritory.com, has been launched in Latvian, Russian, and English. This is a new territory on the internet, devoted to a survey of Baltic, Russian, and Scandinavian art. The website also compiles the most important events in the visual arts calendar.

The website’s target audience are readers who are interested in contemporary cultural phenomena and who want to make their life more interesting and exciting. The creators of Arterritory.com are convinced that art is an open world, one that provides a place not only for professionals, but also for connoisseurs and lovers of art.

Arterritory.com will take a peek inside artists’ studios, listen to their opinions, and document their participation in the most important art events. The website will become your discussion partner with whom you can exchange opinions about exhibits or art and design events in Riga, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Tallinn, Copenhagen, Moscow, and elsewhere. Arterritory.com is also your calendar of important occasions, where someone has already marked all the ‘must-see’ events.

The creators of the website understand that art today is not a closed space; it interacts and connects with other fields of culture. Precisely for this reason, the website also offers information about cinema, design, fashion, architecture, and books.

Readers can learn about the newest books and regional art periodicals; find out the latest in fashion and design; and travel the world as culture tourists, planning their route based on recommendations developed together by Arterritory.com and Anothertravelguide.com.

The website was created by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the fields of visual arts and design: philosopher and design theorist Anna Iltnere, art critic and curator Daiga Rudzāte, and fashion journalist and Anothertravelguide.com editor in chief Una Meistere. The visual form of Arterritory.com was created by graphic designer Jānis Notte, who currently resides in New York.

‘Arterritory.com is a logical continuation of the alternative guidebook Another Travel Guide Riga, which came about through a collaboration between the online magazine for independent travelers Anothertravelguide.com and the cultural project agency Indie,’ say the creators of Arterritory.com. ‘We are convinced that this region is a territory which the world hasn’t fully gotten to know yet. And it depends on us alone whether the world will have the chance to discover the cultural diversity, intensity of thought, and uniqueness of this region, which throughout history, as well as today, has allowed for the birth of so many brilliant figures in art and culture. These figures can still surprise and inspire us as an inexhaustible foundation of creative energy.’

Arterritory.com’s closest collaboration partners are the online magazine for independent travelers Anothertravelguide.com and the cultural project agency Indie.

For more information, please contact:
Anna Iltnere, Editor-in-Chief of Arterritory.com
Tel.: (+371) 26 32 26 35
Email: anna@arterritory.cominfo@arterritory.com

http://agitpropspace.org/2011/07/06/baltic-russian-and-scandinavian-arterritory-new-website/feed/ 0
THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD! 2010 http://agitpropspace.org/2010/05/22/there-goes-the-neighborhood/ http://agitpropspace.org/2010/05/22/there-goes-the-neighborhood/#comments Sun, 23 May 2010 00:23:30 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=683

There Goes the Neighborhood! is a four day event that not only hopes to shed light on issues of art and its relationship to a specific community, but to also re-examine, through artistic interventions, some aspects of the neighborhood that are sometimes overlooked. There Goes the Neighborhood! has been organized by a group of artists, architects, and interested parties as a way to initiate a conversation about the dynamics of the neighborhood. Our intention, and why you are now reading this, is to include as many people in the discussion as possible. We hope to see to you there!

Schedule of Events

Thursday June 3rd

6pm – 7pm Music show on the Bus driving to the San Diego Museum of Art
7pm – 7:30pm Vibrating Milk at the San Diego Museum of Art
7:30pm – 9pm Paneldiscussion at the San Diego Museum of Art on”Art, Neighborhood and Gentrification”with City Councilmember Todd Gloria, Architect Ted Smith,

Artist/Gallerist Lynn Suscholz, and Artist Susannah Bielak

Friday June 4th

7pm – 8 pm Pastoral poetry reading curated by Lorraine Graham as part of the Agitprop Reading and Performance Series
8pm – 11pm Music show on the Bus: Mission:Valley, Riververb, Innerds

Saturday June 5th

10am – 5pm KTGN radio broadcast
10am – noon Brunch & artist talk at the Chicken Pie Shop
noon – 3pm Bicycle tour of thrift stores with Joe Yorty
2pm – 4pm Could __ be a classroom? a silk-screening workshop at a local laundromat with Eddie Miramontes
3pm – 4pm Free Space walking tour with Megan Willis
6pm – 11pm Music show on the Bus driving to the opening of Here Not There at MCASD La Jolla and Red Ball at Sushi

Sunday June 6th

10am – 5pm KTGN radio broadcast
noon – 3pm Luncheon on the Grass at Agitprop and the Bus
2pm – 5pm Turn Up Everything synthpack workshop with Michael Trigilio
2pm – 3pm Homeland Security walking tour with Leslie Ryan
3pm – 4pm Yard by Yard talk, and walking tour with Lesley Stern
6pm – 9pm Taking Up Space a New Orleans-style procession by artist Jessica Sledge.
Tati to the Streets by Micki Davis along the procession route
Microcinemafilm screening curated by Cauleen Smith along the procession route


http://agitpropspace.org/2010/05/22/there-goes-the-neighborhood/feed/ 0
Art Tap Out 3 @ MCASD afterthoughts from the ref http://agitpropspace.org/2010/03/29/art-tap-out-3-mcasd-afterthoughts-from-the-ref/ http://agitpropspace.org/2010/03/29/art-tap-out-3-mcasd-afterthoughts-from-the-ref/#comments Tue, 30 Mar 2010 01:55:12 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=580

photo by Josh Bellfy

photo by Josh Bellfy

photo by Josh Bellfy

photo by Josh Bellfy

First and foremost: Thank you to all those who participated and made Art Tap Out a success.

Thank you’s to:

Kevin Freitas – critic

Omar Pimienta – artist Round 1 presenting “Lady Libertad”

Suzanne Wright – artist Round 2 presenting “The Whole Future”

Micha Cardenas and Elle Mehrmand – artists Round 3 presenting “technésexual”

Also thank you to:

Megan Willis, Eddie Miramontes, Il Young Son, Josh Bellfy, Joy Boe, and Mike Lohr

and  of course the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

Also, as usual, the audience played such an important role in this event.  Thank you all who participated.


Art Tap Out 3 is over and in post-event conversation there seems to be some ongoing dialogue about some of the issues raised during the event by each artist’s work.  This dialogue also raises questions about the positive aspects of Art Tap Out as well as it’s limitations. Each round contained interesting questions. Some of these, from my point of view in the ring, were:

Round 1

In practices that purport to create works which are socially beneficial to a certain group, would those resources used to create that work be better allocated by the people within the targeted group rather than filtered through an artist? Does this create a heirarchical situation? Is the role of the artist to create conditions rather than simply distribute resources?

Round 2

Is amateur psychoanalysis a good starting point for the critique and defense of a work of art? Should childhood experiences be so thoroughly examined and expounded upon when what is presented is clearly addressing issues other than this subjective interpretation?

Is it still an effective strategy to use the image of an “idealized” woman in the critique of the representation of women?  Does this continue to perpetuate these stereotypes?

Round 3

In a culture where violence is so prevalent that the form of the “ring of combat” is so easily recognizable and accepted, why does the performance of two naked, embracing bodies still create such visceral reactions? What is the relationship between virtual embracing bodies and material embracing bodies? Can the virtual (second life and performance) convey the intimacy of two beings together? Was this gratuitous sex or an intimate moment made public through performative actions? or both?

If the safety of institutions removes the possibility of a work of art engaging an audience at the level of the social and/or the political in any real, lasting terms, doesn’t that make the forum of Art Tap Out itself redundant?


All interesting questions and of course not comprehensive.

Additionally, people continue to call for the declaration of winners. In my opinion deeming one side a winner circumvents the underlying idea of what Art Tap Out is about to begin with: dialogue, with art as its starting point.

These are the thoughts from the perspective of being inside the ring. Below are images and video of the work to assist in the conversation. Comments gladly welcomed.


Round 1 -Omar Pimienta “Lady Libertad”

"Lady Libertad" Omar Pimienta

"Lady Libertad" Omar Pimienta

"Lady Libertad" Omar Pimienta

"Lady Libertad" Omar Pimienta

Round 2 -Suzanne Wright “The Whole Future”

"The Whole Future" Suzanne Wright

Round 3 -Micha Cardenas & Elle Mehrmand

technesexual excerpt // Duke University // Micha Cárdenas and Elle Mehrmand from azdel slade on Vimeo.

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The Candy Store: Round-table discussion http://agitpropspace.org/2009/11/13/the-candy-store-round-table-discussion/ http://agitpropspace.org/2009/11/13/the-candy-store-round-table-discussion/#comments Fri, 13 Nov 2009 23:06:00 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=449 tobaccobearwithcopyright-email

You are invited to join in a round-table discussion of The Candy Store:

Saturday November 21 @ 7:00 PM

Agitprop (North Park)

2837 University Ave. (behind Glenn’s Market on Utah)

San Diego, CA 92104


The discussion will focus on the project (currently on view at La Casa del Tunel: Art Center in Tijuana) and issues surrounding the general state of healthcare today.   The panel will consist of the artists, a pharmacy owner from Tijuana, and others knowledgeable in the field.  Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences navigating the system and thoughts on issues ranging from health insurance to the marketing of pharmaceuticals and current trends of medicating children with powerful mood altering drugs.  Select objects from The Candy Store will also be on view in the gallery.

“They (The Klines) also poke at the escalating trend of United States residents crossing borders to buy medication from Mexico and Canada that they cannot afford to buy in the States. The added facet of a drug-smuggling tunnel transformed into a cultural venue transformed into a drug store makes the project even more significant, meaningful, timely and edgy.”

-  Pasadena / San Gabriel Valley News Journal

The Candy Store (La dulcifies): Dispensing Truth

“The Candy Store” simultaneously attracts and repels viewers, exposes the inherent conflicts in the international healthcare industry, and the legalities and illegalities in the world of pharmaceuticals.   The Candy Store is a retail space featuring “inconsumable products” made out of controlled substances (a.g. tobacco Teddy bears and Vioxx ceramic candies) adding meaningful visual spectacle and humor to the dialogue surrounding healthcare issues and bridging boundaries between art, science, sociology and activism.

Contact: Agitprop, contact@agitpropspace.org

Debby and Larry Kline 760.432.9436 or Dekline1@yahoo.com

La Casa Del Túnel: Art Center, Luis Ituarte 323.574.9197 or luis_ituarte@hotmail.com

The Klines’ work can be seen at www.jugglingklines.com


]]> http://agitpropspace.org/2009/11/13/the-candy-store-round-table-discussion/feed/ 0 BRAIN TRUST: Events calendar and other info… http://agitpropspace.org/2009/09/16/brain-trust-events-calendar-and-other-info/ http://agitpropspace.org/2009/09/16/brain-trust-events-calendar-and-other-info/#comments Thu, 17 Sep 2009 02:41:23 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=351 So far, based on the opening reception, Agitprop’s Brain Trust is in full swing. (reception and event images HERE) Thanks to all participants.  Below is a calendar of events that will take place as part of the Brain Trust exhibition. These events were organized by people that have had some relationship to Agitprop in the past, and hopefully continue to do so in the future.  These events are brainchildren of each of these individuals.  All of these should be fantastic….



Saturday, September 19:  North Park Thrift Store Bicycle Tour

12:00 to 2:00 pm
Location: Begins at Art Produce Gallery
3139 University Avenue
North Park, CA

Join the San Diego Second Hand Shopping Society, lead by Joy and Joe, in conjunction with North Park Night’s eco friendly focus theme, for our first annual North Park Thrift Store Bicycle Tour! We will leave Art Produce at noon sharp for a 2 hour pedal-powered tour of some of N.P.’s finest thrift establishments. Pump up your tires and show support of our local economy and several of North Park’s non-profit organizations by filling your basket with those vintage wares you didn’t know you couldn’t live without! A sundown slideshow presentation with take place at Art Produce from 6-9 that evening.

See images of the tour HERE

Saturday, September 26Meet the Press

6:00 pm
Location: Art Produce Gallery
3139 University Avenue
North Park, CA

Panel discussion about how the arts are covered by the press in San Diego, what constitutes good arts writing, and how do we get more of it. Panel members include: Seth Combs – San Diego CityBeat Arts Editor, Keli Dailey – SignOnSanDiego.com, Patricia Frischer – SDVAN (San Diego Visual Arts Network), and Pam Kragen – North County Times Arts Editor. Moderator is Kevin Freitas – Art as Authority

Saturday, October 3Poetry Reading

6:00 pm

Location: Agitprop
2837 University Avenue (entrance off Utah)   North Park, CA

Poets Frank Montesonti & Jeannine Hall Gailey

This event is free and open to the public. As always, there will be a reception following the reading.
Donations to the gallery are greatly appreciated.

Frank Montesonti teaches creative writing at National University.  His poems have appeared in such journals as Black Warrior Review, AQR, Cream City Review, Poet Lore, Lit, among many others. His chapbook, A Civic Pageant, won the 2007 Black River Chapbook contest.

Jeannine Hall Gailey’s first book of poetry, Becoming the Villainess, was published by Steel Toe Books. Poems from the book were featured on NPR’s The Writer’s Almanac and on Verse Daily; two were included in 2007’s The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. She was awarded a 2007 Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Prize for Poetry and a 2007 Washington State Artist Trust GAP grant. Her poems have appeared in The Iowa Review, The Columbia Poetry Review, and Ninth Letter. She volunteers as an editorial consultant for Crab Creek Review and currently teaches at the MFA program at National University.

Sunday, October 4Residual Spaces Walking Tour

led by Megan Willis

(estudio Teddy Cruz; Woodbury University and New School of Arch. and Design)

1:00 – 3:00pm

Starts at 1 pm sharp at Art Produce Gallery

A short presentation discussing what residual spaces are; followed by a short walk through the neighborhood looking at those spaces that remain as cities and neighborhoods grow, change use, and evolve.

3139 University Avenue
North Park, CA

Saturday, October 10Old Timey Self-Portrait – Josh Bellfy


Soup with/by Eddie Miramontes


In these harsh economic times, who couldn’t use a nice comforting bowl of soup. Made from Eddie’s Mother’s own recipe.  Free!  … And then take your own self portrait with assistance from Josh Bellfy.

“Brain Trust” closing reception

6:00 – 9:00 pm

Location: Art Produce Gallery
3139 University Avenue
North Park, CA

Other Stuff…

During the opening reception I had several conversations about how this project came about. Over the course of long hours of carving the original block and casting the 1000 concrete units, I watched A LOT of videos online. I came across the two videos below during this time period and thought that they related really well to many of the ideas that Agitprop and the Brain Trust project have been about from the beginning. I wanted to incorporate both in the exhibition in some way, but I just never came up with a good idea how.  So here they are now.

-David White

Yochai Benkler: Open-Source Econonics

Ralph Nader: Corporate Fascism

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Brain Trust http://agitpropspace.org/2009/08/25/brain-trust-coming-soon/ http://agitpropspace.org/2009/08/25/brain-trust-coming-soon/#comments Wed, 26 Aug 2009 06:58:17 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=325 brain-blocks-postcard-front

Agitprop moves into a new phase by illustrating some of the work it has done in the past and asking you to participate in future projects by being part of a “brain trust”. This installation addresses issues of social economics, art markets, commodities trading, and community engagement.


In “Brain Trust”, Agitprop  turns corporate and art world institutional conventions on their head as a method of generating support for projects based on connectivity and community at the scale of the neighborhood. “Brain Trust” asks people to become “investors” in Agitprop. Agitprop is a space in North Park  that attempts to blur the lines between individual art practice, the Studio, the Gallery and the Neighborhood.

The Agitprop “Brain Trust” is established through “Brain Blocks”, an edition of 1000 concrete sculptures that, when purchased, act as “stock” in Agitprop. “Brain Blocks” simultaneously reference the art market, commodities trading and the “Cube” as an art historical sculptural form. Each sculpture takes the shape of a 4¼ inch cube that resembles the surface pattern of the human brain. Sculptural “shareholders” will become facilitators of Agitprop’s upcoming projects and will be asked in the future for feedback on these same projects. Many of these projects do not readily fit into conventional gallery settings. Past projects include the Agitprop space itself, literature readings, Art Tap Outs I & II (live critiques in the form of underground pugilism), artwork in empty storefronts, collaborations with other neighborhood entities etc.

The initiation of Agitprop as a space, and subsequently the “Brain Trust” project, stems from an examination and response to current art-supportive structures. Contemporary art tends to take primarily two approaches in the distribution of the works of artists: art works commodified through commercial galleries and dealers and/or; non-commercial works whose funding through universities and museums, when traced backwards, eventually leads to a corporate source. This exhibition asks the question “Is it possible to have a local practice supported by those who that practice targets?”

In addition to the “Brain Blocks” portion of the exhibition there will be several single day events over the duration of the exhibition including a walking tour of North Park discussing residual spaces, self-portrait photography sessions, free soup and more… A calendar of these events will be available at the exhibition as well as more info in postings here on agitpropspace.org.

David White


Exhibition Dates: September 12, 2009 – October 11th 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday, Sept. 12th; 6-9p

Closing Reception: Saturday, October 11; 6-9p


Saturday, September 19:  North Park Thrift Store Bicycle Tour

12:00 to 2:00 pm
Location: Begins at Art Produce Gallery
3139 University Avenue
North Park, CA

Join the San Diego Second Hand Shopping Society, lead by Joy and Joe, in conjunction with North Park Night’s eco friendly focus theme, for our first annual North Park Thrift Store Bicycle Tour! We will leave Art Produce at noon sharp for a 2 hour pedal-powered tour of some of N.P.’s finest thrift establishments. Pump up your tires and show support of our local economy and several of North Park’s non-profit organizations by filling your basket with those vintage wares you didn’t know you couldn’t live without! A sundown slideshow presentation with take place at Art Produce from 6-9 that evening, in conjunction with AGITPROP’s current BRAIN TRUST exhibitition.


Saturday, September 26Meet the Press

6:00 pm
Location: Art Produce Gallery
3139 University Avenue
North Park, CA

Panel discussion about how the arts are covered by the press in San Diego, what constitutes good arts writing, and how do we get more of it. Panel members include: Seth Combs – San Diego CityBeat Arts Editor, Keli Dailey – SignOnSanDiego.com, Patricia Frischer – SDVAN (San Diego Visual Arts Network), and Pam Kragen – North County Times Arts Editor. Moderator is Kevin Freitas – Art as Authority

Saturday, October 3Poetry Reading

6:00 pm

Location: Art Produce Gallery
3139 University Avenue
North Park, CA

Sunday, October 4Residual Spaces Walking Tour

led by Megan Willis

1:00 – 3:00pm

Starts at 1 pm sharp at Art Produce Gallery

3139 University Avenue
North Park, CA

Saturday, October 10Old Timey Self-Portrait – Josh Bellfy


Soup with/by Eddie Miramontes


In these harsh economic times, who couldn’t use a nice comforting bowl of soup. Made from Eddie’s Mother’s own recipe.  Free!  … And then take your own self portrait with assistance from Josh Bellfy.

“Brain Trust” closing reception

6:00 – 9:00 pm

Location: Art Produce Gallery
3139 University Avenue
North Park, CA

Images from the opening: 

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Creative Fix http://agitpropspace.org/2009/04/25/creative-fix/ http://agitpropspace.org/2009/04/25/creative-fix/#comments Sun, 26 Apr 2009 05:37:23 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=234

‘Creative Fix’ Invites Artists to Play an Active Role in Politics

April 16 and 17
Marcuse Gallery

noon to 4:30 p.m.
Visual Arts Facility, University of California
San Diego, CA

May 2

3 to 6 p.m.
2837 University Avenue (entrance on Utah)
North Park, San Diego, CA

May 30 

3 to 7 p.m.
105 E 6th Street 
Los Angeles, CA

La Jolla, California — In her upcoming project, “Creative Fix,” Sheryl Oring asks artists what they would do to fix the country if they could do anything at all. Oring, 43, is a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts candidate at the University of California, San Diego. She is calling artists to the university’s Marcuse Gallery on April 16 & 17, Agitprop in San Diego on May 2, and compactspace in Los Angeles on May 30, to discuss their creative solutions for our country. Oring will make one-minute videos of their answers and post them on YouTube. By doing so, Oring hopes to bring artists into the contemporary political debate. Artists of all types – writers, musicians, visual artists, architects etc. – are invited to participate.

“Creative Fix” is currently California-based and has the potential to expand to an international scale as viewers respond to the videos posted on Oring’sYouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/iwishtosay. The final shape of the participatory project depends on the creativity of respondents.

The idea for “Creative Fix” grew out of Oring’s most recent past work, a public art project called “I Wish to Say.” For this, Oring set out to gather public opinion during the 2008 presidential election by setting up an “office” – complete with a manual typewriter – in public places and inviting passersby to dictate postcards to the next president. Many people spoke out for change, and Oring feels the challenges facing this nation demand attention from more than just the usual suspects. Artists, she said, can offer a fresh perspective on many of the most pressing issues of the day.

“In other parts of the world, artists play a legitimate role in politics and political debate,” said Oring, citing examples such as Václav Havel, the playwright who became president of Czechoslovakia, and the German political system, in which the arts play a significant role in local and national political institutions. “In the U.S., however, artists are seen as suspect. I’d like to do one small thing to change this and bring more creativity to American politics.”

Oring is a first-year MFA student focused on public culture. Led by architect Teddy Cruz, Public Culture is a new emphasis at UC San Diego’s Department of Visual Arts. Cruz is Oring’s mentor.

More About the Artist:

Sheryl Oring is the author of “I Wish to Say: The Birthday Project,” a book published in 2008 that features a collection of birthday cards for former President George Bush, which were dictated at public events Oring held in eight cities across the country. Named ABC News’ Person of the Week by Peter Jennings for her performance piece “I Wish to Say” during the 2004 Republican Convention in New York City, Oring is a former journalist (The New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, Die Welt) whose provocative work explores the intersection of language, politics and memory. Her past work includes “Writing Home,” a performance in which she invited people to dictate letters to their ancestors; and “Writer’s Block,” a sculptural installation made out of hundreds of antique typewriters. She has received fellowships from the Creative Capital Foundation, New York Foundation for the Arts and the Robert Bosch Foundation; held a residency as part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Swing Space program; and exhibited in museums, cultural centers, galleries and public spaces in the United States, Europe and India. Oring has a degree in journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and has studied art history and theory at the Humboldt University in Berlin. She is working on an MFA in Visual Arts with an emphasis in public culture at UC San Diego.

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