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There Goes the Neighborhood! is a four day event that positions “the neighborhood” as a fluid institution of creative production, critical thinking and intersecting interests. Collaborations between artists, residents, small businesses, universities and local activists will culminate in a series of workshops, talks, installations, performances and tours that center around the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, with satellite events at the UCSD campus and the San Diego Museum of art (in conjunction with the opening night of the Summer Salon Series).

The first iteration of There Goes the Neighborhood! took place in June of 2010 and focused on issues relating to gentrification.  It examined how art can play a role in both neighborhood revitalization as well as also be complicit in the displacement of existing groups by those moving in. This year the focus of the There Goes the Neighborhood is “the neighborhood” as a nexus of global conditions that manifest themselves in local, everyday, situations. These issues range from transportation networks to means of food production to how information (and knowledge) is disseminated publicly.

A rough schedule of the event:

Thursday May 31st

Location: UCSD campus

Event: “Relocating the University” installation and panel discussion


Friday June 1st

Location: The San Diego Museum of Art

Event: “Relocating the University: part II”  performance, workshop and panel discussion

*note: this event is in conjunction with the opening night of the Summer Salon Series:



Saturday June 2nd

Location: North Park (with excursions to South Park and City Heights)

Events: “Breakfast with Strangers” a meal with someone you don’t know; Photography workshop; Thrift Store bike tour; Street-Car Reenactment – talks addressing issues of urbanism accompanied by music on a hired trolley tour car that runs an old street-car line from 1918; Photography exhibition at Agitprop featuring work by artist Shane Anderson; Post Office conversations; Literary Arts and more.


Sunday June 3rd

Location: North Park

Events: Brunch from Santos Market; Multiple workshops examining the proposed park for the lot behind North Park Theater as a potential green space; DIY publication workshop; a procession through the neighborhood; weekend finale reception and more…

All There Goes the Neighborhood events are FREE.  Donations gladly accepted.

For more information check back for schedule updates at http://theregoes.org

Also, Check out our collaboration with the journal PROS*- a publication documenting the last There Goes the Neighborhood in 2010.

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Limbic Resonance with Dublin-based artist Fiona Hallinan class on 10/27/11 http://agitpropspace.org/2011/10/19/limbic-resonance-with-dublin-based-artist-fiona-hallinan-class-on-102711/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/10/19/limbic-resonance-with-dublin-based-artist-fiona-hallinan-class-on-102711/#comments Thu, 20 Oct 2011 04:16:27 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=4350 Limbic Resonance with Dublin-based artist Fiona Hallinan.

Thursday October 27th, 2:30-4:00. Location: Agitprop,  2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah St.)

The You That Is In It - Fiona Hallinan

This class will be an exploration of the notion of ‘limbic resonance’, the scientific term for the unspoken communication that occurs between mammals in physical contact with one another.

Taking form as a Skype chat with the teacher speaking from Ireland, the class itself challenges the possibilities of non-present communication. Can we replicate the experience of presence virtually? Using methods of anecdote, meditation and video trickery, the class will play with notions of embodiment and physicality, ultimately questioning whether true connection can be created through technology.


Also happening that week at UCSD:

KCDC All Corners Internet Conversation series.

Participate in conversations, publications and performances facilitated by international artists, teachers, curators, and scholars. This is an opportunity to play with blurring the geographical boundaries of learning, as teachers and students will be joining in from all corners of the globe on live projected video chat. These conversations are a project of Washington DC-based free, cross-disciplinary school called Knowledge Commons DC, and will also be hosted in DC at Hamiltonian Gallery

Ideal Museums & Maverick as Method:  A conversation between museum studies scholar Pablo v. Frankenburg and Stephanie Sherman and Chris Kennedy of Elsewhere Living Museum
Tuesday, October 25th 10:30-12:00, Visual Arts Facilities Performance Space.

Comparing and contrasting wide-ranging museum design research with the real life settings of Elsewhere Living Museum, we will approach the questions: What does your museum of the future look like? What would be its manifesto? How would it work? At the end of the conversation, students will be invited to pose questions to the presenters and to submit their own ideas for a magazine that will be based from this conversation.

Pablo Frankenburg is a scholar of museum studies pursuing his doctorate at the University of Tuebingen, Germany. Frankenberg has been conducting research in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, asking museum consultants: What Makes the Ideal Museum?

Stephanie Sherman is co-director and Chris Kennedy is education curator at Elsewhere Living Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina. Elsewhere is a three store building housing one woman’s 58 year collection of thrift and surplus, which has become a living installation curated by hundreds of contributors over a 9 year period. Today, Elsewhere is a space to investigate creative collaboration, through community events, a residency program, and educational initiatives.

Both events organized by Kate Clark
http://agitpropspace.org/2011/10/19/limbic-resonance-with-dublin-based-artist-fiona-hallinan-class-on-102711/feed/ 0
Call for Participants: Three Crises -A Satellite. http://agitpropspace.org/2011/10/11/call-for-participants-three-crises-a-satellite/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/10/11/call-for-participants-three-crises-a-satellite/#comments Wed, 12 Oct 2011 06:23:42 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=4297 Call for Participants:
Three Crises.  A Satellite

Session I  Oct. 22th- Nov. 19th 2011
Session II Nov. 26th- Dec. 10 2011

@ Agitprop space
2837 University Ave. (North Park, entrance on Utah st.)
San Diego CA 92104

What: Three Crises: a Satellite.  An open seminar to discuss the historical development of the current economic crisis and how we got here.

When: Seminar Begins Saturday October 22nd from 3PM to 5PM; with encouragement to participate in the International Day of Action Against Austerity (http://www.sdcpj.org/ , http://sandiegoiso.org/event/oct-15-international-day-action-against-austerity-and-war , http://activistsandiego.org/node/3222 ) on October 15th the week prior to beginning.

Where: Agitprop space in North Park  2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah st.) http://agitpropspace.org- This project is a local satellite of a seminar based out of MessHall in Chicago where it is being organized and led by theorist/activist Brian Holmes.  

We will relocate to Civic Center in San Diego

in solidarity of Occupy San Diego

after first meeting .


How: Through a series of weekly meetings we will be using the posted texts from MessHall to facilitate the conversation locally.



In June of this year a proposal was made to hold a seminar with aims to “develop a framework for understanding the present political-economic crisis and for acting against and beyond it”. The seminar is based at Mess Hall, an “experimental cultural center” in Chicago.  We would like to propose a satellite, with aims of better understanding and intervening in the crisis, as it is felt in the context of Southern California/San Diego.
The Mess Hall seminar began on September 17, 2011; lectures and readings are posted to messhall.org.  A significant amount of networked activity/gestures toward resistance have taken place since September 17 (re: #OccupyWallSt., #OccupyLA, #OccupyChicago, #OccupySD).  We will commence on October 15, with participation in local gestures organized around the International Day of Action Against Austerity (http://www.sdcpj.org/ , http://sandiegoiso.org/event/oct-15-international-day-action-against-austerity-and-war , http://activistsandiego.org/node/3222 ).  Our first official meet will then take place on Saturday October 22nd from 3PM to 5PM, we will meet at Agitprop Space (behind Glenn’s Market, entrance on Utah, in North Park), to begin a formal conversation around the historical development of structures that underlie the necessity of networked resistance, in which social relations are re-coded solely in economic terms.
An extended description of the seminar at Agitprop follows: 

“By undercutting social solidarities and destroying ecological equilibriums the neoliberal program of accelerated capital expansion immediately spawned its neoconservative shadow, in the form of a military, moral and religious return to order.  Nothing could have made better cover for the denial of democratic critique, the clampdown on civil liberties, and the continuing budgetary shift from social welfare to corporate security.”
Brian Holmes, “Continental Drift: Activist Research, from Geopolitics to Geopoetics.”

Impacts of the aforementioned “budgetary shift” are strikingly apparent in San Diego County, with the privatization of public institutions, such as UC, the effects of encroaching development on natural systems, and the omnipresence of D.O.D./D.H.S. (and supporting industries) throughout the county.   We believe it has become crucial to understand these impacts, as evident in Southern California, in order to develop some means of direct public intervention.
During Session I of the satellite seminar at Agitprop, we will host a series of discussions orbiting around texts posted to the Mess Hall website, flurries of text around #occupy___, among others selected for their relevance to the context of San Diego/the Californias.  Through discussion, we would like to solidify a framework to develop a series of “interventions,” which may take any number of forms (including performances, texts, cartographies, et.al.), to be actualized in Session II.
To read a full description of the seminar, as proposed by Brian Holmes, please visit http://occupyeverything.org/2011/three-crises-30s-70s-now/ ).









This satellite is organized with the help of Elizabeth Chaney, Jeanine Webb, Cara Baldwin and David White

http://agitpropspace.org/2011/10/11/call-for-participants-three-crises-a-satellite/feed/ 0
2837 University questions http://agitpropspace.org/2011/08/26/2837-university-questions/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/08/26/2837-university-questions/#comments Fri, 26 Aug 2011 09:21:38 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=3579 This past Thursday as part of the Summer Salon Series at the San Diego Museum of Art, attendees were asked at the front door to fill out cards that had one of four questions below.  The cards posted here are the cards that were turned in.  You can find more information about the 2837 University project here.

http://agitpropspace.org/2011/08/26/2837-university-questions/feed/ 0
2837 University- Videos from first meeting http://agitpropspace.org/2011/08/12/2837-university-videos-from-first-meeting/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/08/12/2837-university-videos-from-first-meeting/#comments Fri, 12 Aug 2011 22:52:01 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=2941 The first projects of the 2837 University are underway.  Here are two videos that we used to begin the conversations.  The first is from a talk by Sir Ken Robinson on changing educational paradigms.  While our humble project obviously is not directly connected to schools etc. one aspect that we hoped would come out of it was a platform for re-thinking the way people (of all ages) learn. As you can see from the original CFP back in January of 2011 many of the ideas contained within this video run in parallel to the foundational ideas of the project and the statement composed by the initial participating group.

A second goal of the 2837 University is to unearth some aspects of the neighborhood that are overlooked, underutilized or undervalued and then to eventually use this information to help maximize the use of these spaces and eventually have these spaces become the “campus” itself. To begin we watched an oldie but a goodie: The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces by William H. Whyte. It is an examination of what makes public spaces socially functional. While not directly related to overpasses or small business that create micro-communities this video is a good starting point as a strategy for looking at both of these spaces.

If you still would like to participate in either of these projects, feel free to jump in at any time. These projects are an open forum. The next meeting is Saturday 8/13 at 1pm (Non-Articulated Communities) and 3pm (Crossing I-805) at Agitprop and continue every Saturday until September 10th.


William H. Whyte – Social Life of Small Urban Places from Robin van Emden on Vimeo.


http://agitpropspace.org/2011/08/12/2837-university-videos-from-first-meeting/feed/ 0
The 2837 University – WANTS YOUR PARTICIPATION! http://agitpropspace.org/2011/07/20/the-2837-university-first-projects-aug-6-sept-10th-2011/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/07/20/the-2837-university-first-projects-aug-6-sept-10th-2011/#comments Wed, 20 Jul 2011 12:34:33 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=2792

In January of 2011 Agitprop put out a call for participation to answer the question “Could a “University” be assembled out of pre-existing spaces in the neighborhood?”  After a six-week seminar composed of small business owners, neighborhood activists, artists and educators, the answer was a resounding “yes!”. Below is the mission statement composed by the group as well as the first round of projects:

The 2837 University Mission Statement:

The 2837 University is a network of creative thinkers, small businesses, community members and sites in North Park (San Diego, CA). It encourages knowledge exchange by facilitating courses and events which coordinate the interests and resources of the North Park community and environs. Open exchange, and the blending of theory and practice, is the central idea and activity of the university; blurring the student teacher dichotomy, and fostering projects and resources that are financially and locally accessible to all.


Current Courses/Projects:

Project 1: Crossing I-805

Aug. 6- Sept. 10 Saturdays 3-5pm (first meeting at Agitprop 2837 University Ave.  North Park 92104 – entrance on Utah St.)

Description: This is a collective research project examining the I-805 freeway as it cuts through North Park and City Heights. We will look at the topography, history, culture, current conditions and outside examples of freeway and canyon crossings. This investigation will evoke questions which we will use to develop re-interpretations of highway crossings.  Project Leader: Lori Lipsman  -First meeting Saturday August 6th at 3pm at Agitprop  2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah St. ) 92104

10 spaces available to participate.  RSVP to contact@agitpropspace.org


Project 2: Non-Articulated Communities

Aug. 6- Sept. 10 Saturdays 1-3pm (first meeting at Agitprop 2837 University Ave.  North Park 92104 – entrance on Utah St.)

Description: This participatory project will examine micro-communities in North Park that do not recognize themselves as “communities” as such. These small groupings of individuals are often the result of side effects derived from heterogeneous small businesses. We will analyze what conditions have allowed these communities to form and document these accordingly.  Project Leader: David White -First meeting Saturday August 6th at 1pm at Agitprop  2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah St. ) 92104

10 spaces available to participate.  RSVP to contact@agitpropspace.org

participation is free for both projects


Past 2837 University events here: http://agitpropspace.org/tag/2837-university/

http://agitpropspace.org/2011/07/20/the-2837-university-first-projects-aug-6-sept-10th-2011/feed/ 0
Balloon Mapping with Stephanie Lie http://agitpropspace.org/2011/05/19/balloon-mapping-with-stephanie-lie/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/05/19/balloon-mapping-with-stephanie-lie/#comments Fri, 20 May 2011 00:39:06 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=1702

This past weekend as part of the 2837 University project Stephanie Lie led a Aerial Balloon Mapping project using a weather balloon with point and shoot camera attached to it. The camera was programmed to take photos at spaced intervals of time. The balloon was tethered to three different lines for stability and control by the operators. This was a one day event that we hope will be indicative of some of the courses the 2837 University will offer this summer. Participants included: Cristina, Mina, Liz, Brent, Omar and John and Byron. These photos are from Switzer Canyon near 28th and Maple.

City of San Diego Parks and Recreation map of the trails in Switzer Canyon: http://www.sandiego.gov/park-and-recreation/pdf/switzertrailmap.pdf

Lie is also in the process of photographing and documenting San Elijo Lagoon. The photos below are from along highway 1 from Las Olas restaurant to Seaside beach. She hopes that this technique can used for people to make a personalized, localized “google earth” type image of their own; and to document particular explorations for comparative examination.

http://agitpropspace.org/2011/05/19/balloon-mapping-with-stephanie-lie/feed/ 0
Orientation Day – the 2837 University May 14th 2-6pm http://agitpropspace.org/2011/05/10/orientation-day-the-2837-university-may-14th-2-6pm/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/05/10/orientation-day-the-2837-university-may-14th-2-6pm/#comments Wed, 11 May 2011 05:41:31 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=1394 Orientation Day Saturday May 14th 2011 2-6pm

 2837 University Ave 
San Diego, CA 92104

In January Agitprop conducted a 6-week study to see if a “University” could be assembled out of existing spaces in North Park and environs. This study was done through a call for participation.  The subsequent 30 or so participants in the study included educators, activists, small business advocates and artists.  The conclusion was an astounding “Yes”, it could be done.  The 2837 University is moving forward and in doing so is asking for further participation.  On May 14th 2011 from 2-6pm we will be holding a one-day series of events to bring attention to the 2837 University project and promote upcoming “courses” being offered this summer.


More info here: http://agitpropspace.org/the-2837-university/

Orientation events:

Aerial Balloon Mapping with Stephanie Lie- meets @ Agitprop 2pm-4pm

Using a camera attached to a tethered weather balloon, participants in the workshop will take aerial photographs of the environs surrounding Agitprop to produce an alternative map of their neighborhood.

Organic Boundaries with Lori Lipsman @ Agitprop space 2pm-6pm

Using a blank map, participants will outline their perspective on what the un-official boundaries of North Park are.

Fish Cutting Demonstration-  meets @ Sea Rocket Bistro  3pm

Sea Rocket Bistro
3382 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 255-7049

Sea Rocket Bistro, a restaurant that focuses on local food, will be doing a Fish Cutting Demonstration. Executive Chef Chad White will show you what to look for to ensure you pick the freshest fish possible from your fishmonger, show you how to cut and fillet a whole fish, and offer ideas on how to prepare particular kinds of fish for the best tasting meal!

Tire Inflation Free Clinic with Richard Gleaves @ Agitprop space and nearby 2pm-5pm
Tire Inflation Free Clinic gives drivers useful tips and info on maintaining proper air pressure in the tires of their cars.

By maintaining proper pressure in their tires, drivers can improve their gas mileage and save up to $200 per year in gasoline costs.

i like your parking by Jenn Moreno – ongoing around North Park 3-6pm

i like your parking is a zine distributing project for the etiquette of parking your vehicle in the City of San Diego. As an ongoing participatory piece, i like your parking, asks the average driver to be on alert for those who break the common courtesy rules forparallel parking.

2837 University Q&A with Agitprop director David White  at Agitprop 6pm

Have questions about the 2837 University? What is it? Why are we doing it? What conclusions did we come to during the study? How can you be involved?  This will be a time to ask and get more info!

RSVP for any of the above events to: contact@agitpropspace.org

Above events are free, but donations gladly accepted

Also, Courtesy of “The Boulevard: the El Cajon Business Improvement Association”
Taste of Little Saigon
Saturday, May 14th, 1 – 4 pm

Price: $10 in advance, $12 the day of the event
Presale tickets available at Hoai Hue – 4660 El Cajon Boulevard #102

Experience the Little Saigon District, Taste a variety of Vietnamese Food, and Embrace the Culture of the San Diego’s Vietnamese Community on El Cajon Boulevard

Restaurant Participants: A Chau, Pho King , Minh Hoa, Song Huong Food To Go , Hoai Hue, Cali Baguette Express, Maxim’s Seafood Restaurant

Public Readings from the 2011 One Book, One San Diego selection, The Ganster We are All Looking For

Free Guided walking tours available to Taste of Little Saigon participants

Brought to you in partnership with the Little Saigon Foundation, El Cajon Boulevard BIA and One Book One Saigon

Contact Beryl Forman for more information: beryl@theboulevard.org or (619)283-3608



Also as part of the Orientation day:

Closing Reception for:

Inside the Digital Scriptorium: New Works by Tim Schwartz

Closing Reception – 7pm-10pm, May 14, 2011

@ Agitprop  -2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah.)

Inside the Digital Scriptorium is the culmination of a five month trip
 around the United States by artist Tim Schwartz, exploring what might
 be lost as archives, museums, and libraries become digital. The works 
in this show attempt to identify the space between physical objects 
and their digital surrogates and in some cases fill that gap. The
 works include a series of botanical prints which explore the loss 
between high resolution scans and archival web images, a pair of books
 which identify the space between a physical and digital book, and a 
set of pages from various authors that investigate with a missing page 
from the wild west.


http://agitpropspace.org/2011/05/10/orientation-day-the-2837-university-may-14th-2-6pm/feed/ 0
The 2837 University http://agitpropspace.org/2011/01/05/the-2837-university/ http://agitpropspace.org/2011/01/05/the-2837-university/#comments Thu, 06 Jan 2011 04:31:26 +0000 David White http://agitpropspace.org/?p=772

Agitprop: Call for Participation

From January 29th though March 5th 2011 Agitprop will be conducting a workshop in conjunction with the 2010 California Biennial.  This workshop will take place at the Agitprop space in North Park (San Diego).

The title of the project is The 2837 UniversityThe 2837 University will examine spaces in the neighborhood nearby the Agitprop space that are sites of knowledge construction- that is, places where people learn something through the exchange of ideas.  These spaces can range from a table at a coffee shop where two individuals engage in conversation to more formalized instructional centers.

The 2837 University will be broken down into two parts:  The first several meetings will focus on examining what and why we are looking at these spaces (see ‘Conceptual Framework’ below). The second part will ask participants to enter the neighborhood and document the spaces in question through the use of video, photos, interviews, drawings, paintings, etc, etc.

The goal of this course is to act as a participatory feasibility study in order to determine if Agitprop should expand its interests into the field of education and to see if a “university” could be pieced together from preexisting spaces that lend themselves to the construction of some form of knowledge.

The workshop will convene every Saturday from 3-5pm during the dates stated above. Registration is free.

To register, or for further information, email contact@agitpropspace.org with 2837 University in the subject line.

Thank you and we hope you participate!

David White and Edward Sterrett


Conceptual Framework:

The 2837 University is a project that re-imagines the Agitprop space and the surrounding neighborhood as the site of a micro-university, with the goal of opening a conversation about re-purposing the concept of University Education in the context of the ongoing critique of the corporatization of the University. We will begin by investigating the relation of the construction of a mass consumer class in the US after WWII and the formulation of a new concept of individuality that borrowed its notion of self-expression from the legacy of Romanticism, all the while yoking the seeming freedom of expression to the profit system of hyper-inflated production and infinite obsolescence. As the university system is increasingly dominated by corporate interest, the very notion of the student is replaced by that of the consumer, and the value of a university education is understood strictly in terms of the acquisition of readily available skills and knowledge bases that are immediately transferable to exchange value. We might begin from the question of what has been lost; what was the notion of the university student before it became the university consumer? And we might begin provisionally with the idea that education, the work of the student, is to come to terms with a freedom that, far from being the trap of infinite choice that masks itself as the freedom of a consumer class, is in fact the work that one does on oneself in order to free oneself from one’s limitations. The question remains, how to construct one’s own individuality without succumbing to the myopia that characterizes the absolute atomization of a self-interested consumer class, how to reclaim and reconstruct a social fabric that is not at all points grounded in the logic of the market, and how the structure of the University itself, which encourages the excessive borrowing, atomized suburban living arrangements and passive resistance strategies characteristic of the trap of the consumer class, can be retooled to encourage and make possible the work of the student, a work that continues despite all these hindrances, perhaps we could rethink the University as a space which is made by the work of the student however and wherever that may take place? The 2837 University will run from January to March of 2011; during this time the space will also play host to a series of installations, screenings, and performances that address and contribute to the conversation initiated by the project.

http://agitpropspace.org/2011/01/05/the-2837-university/feed/ 4