The Agitprop Literary Arts Series

The Agitprop Literary Arts Series was founded by James Meetze and Ben and Sandra Doller. It is currently co-curated by K. Lorraine Graham and James Meetze. The most current upcoming reading can be found here.

The series exists to provide a venue for innovative literary art and to create a community for innovative literary artists interested in connecting to writing and art communities in and beyond San Diego. We support writers in San Diego, but we are also committed to hosting writers from throughout the United States, Mexico and beyond.

If you are a writer in San Diego interested in giving a reading, we welcome you to come to events so that we have the opportunity to get to know you and your work first. You can learn more about the kinds of writing we tend to be interested in by looking at

You can find information about upcoming and past literary art events at Agitprop under the events section of our web page.  We also announce events through our Facebook group and email list. Directions to the space can be found HERE.


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