Agitprop: Brain Trust

Agitprop is a space in San Diego that re-imagines the form of the gallery as a site of localized, long term engagement with a certain neighborhood or community. These engagements have taken the form of the Agitprop space itself, exhibitions, literary readings, live art critiques, artwork in empty storefronts and collaborations with other neighborhood entities. “Brain Trust” asks you to become a participant and facilitator of future projects. The Agitprop “Brain Trust” is established through Brain Blocks, small concrete sculptures that are equivalent in volume to an actual human brain. Brain Blocks turn corporate and art world institutional conventions on their head as a method of generating support for projects based on connectivity and community. The initiation of Agitprop, and subsequently the “Brain Trust” project, stems from an examination and response to current art-supportive structures and artists’ relationships to local communities. While many art-supportive structures are based on the commodification of the work of art or non-profit funding that is dependant on corporate trickle down economics, this project asks the question “Is it possible to have a local art practice supported by those who that practice targets?” Brain Blocks when purchased act as sculptural stock in Agitprop.

Brain Blocks: $40

To purchase a Brain Block and become part of Agitprop’s Brain Trust email: