About Agitprop 

Agitprop was founded in 2007 by artist David White with the help of numerous other individuals.  The goal of the space was to blur the lines between the individual Artist, the Studio, the Gallery and the Neighborhood; and to re-imagine the form of the Gallery as tool for long term engagement with a particular locality. This engagement is implemented through horizontal collaborations across individuals, artists, small businesses, community activists and institutions. We orchestrate  collaborative projects and events that take place on the streets, in galleries, in museums, in the media and a myriad of other places.  We also host events in our space like the Literary Art Series  currently curated by K. Lorraine Graham and James Meetze.  Background on the Series can be found here.

Some other Agitprop initiatives and collaborations include:

Summer Salon Series at the San Diego Museum of Art

There Goes the Neighborhood 

Ongoing exhibitions and events in the Agitprop space

Agitprop projects and exhibitions out in the world

Directions to the space can be found HERE
We can be contacted HERE

While in many ways Agitprop structures itself on the premise that culture is socially produced, there is a core team of people that make Agitprop run.  These people are:

David White, Megan Willis, K. Lorraine Graham

Agitprop blog

The Agitprop blog is a forum for dialogue around issues of art, public engagement and critical discourse. Current contributors include:

David WhitePerry VasquezRichard Gleaves

Past contributors:

Rujeko HockleyJessica  McCambly & John Oliver LewisKatherine SweetmanCorner Liquor StoreVallo RibertoElizabeth Chaney