Dear friends,

If you have been wondering why things have been a bit quiet over here at Agitprop, it is because we have some news. It simultaneously saddens  and excites me 100 mg viagra to let you know that Agitprop has relocated. The space that we occupied in North Park has officially closed. In June we turned in ours keys and  moved out.  We will all miss the space at the corner of University  Avenue and Utah Street in North Park – holes and all.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the support that has gone into Agitprop over the six-plus years that it was in operation in North Park.  When the space started Megan and I wanted it to be based on a few simple principles: a balance between programming  that was simultaneously both open and thoughtfully organized; that it functioned as a starting point to engage the neighborhood and city at large; and the radical idea that a project like this could sustain itself (however modestly) on the support and participation of a wide array of individuals from a myriad of backgrounds that the project hoped to reach.   Looking back it is clear that these goals were met (imperfections and all)!.  It is also clear that any success or longevity Agitprop was able to maintain was predicated on the support all of you gave in terms of time, money, criticism, probing, planning, cleaning, feedback and hard work .  Thank you for that!

Looking forward, this past summer we moved to architect Hector Perez’s new building in Barrio Logan as a temporary home.  In many ways this decision was predicated on conversations and the potential for future collaborations with Hector (and many others) in hopes of establishing new approaches to artistic experimentation and interdisciplinary investigations.  This will take some time to unfold and will again be dependent upon input and engagement from you .

In the meantime, you can expect reinvigorated projects as we settle into a new home- including some events this fall.  Please keep an eye out for updates and hope to see you sometime soon.

In Appreciation,

David White