Dear Friends,

Now that national poetry month is nearly over, we’re ready to have our next event on Saturday, May 4 at 7pm featuring LA-based literary artists Joseph Mosconi and Ara Shirinyan. This reading will be bittersweet—This isn’t the last Agitprop reading, but it is the last reading we’ll have in our current space. So this is your last chance to sit in the mezzanine or gaze fondly at the KFC across the street! We do hope you’ll join us to say goodbye to the space and to celebrate the publication of Joseph Mosconi’s new book, Fright Catalog .

Joseph Mosconi co-directs the Poetic Research Bureau in Los Angeles and edits the art & lit mag Area Sneaks. His books include Fright Catalog (Insert Blanc Press, 2013), But On Geometric (Insert Blanc Press, 2010), WORD SEARCH (OMG! Press, 2010) and Galvanized Iron on the Citizens’ Band (Poetic Research Bureau, 2009). As Above So Below, a children’s book illustrated by Scoli Acosta, is forthcoming in 2013.

Ara Shirinyan is a poet and editor from Los Angeles. He edits Make Now Press. With Joseph Mosconi and Andrew Maxwell, he curates readings at the Poetic Research Bureau. He is the author of several books, including Syria Is in the World (Palm Press, 2007) and Your Country Is Great (Futurpoem, 2008) the second volume of which is forthcoming from Edge Books.

As always, there is no cover charge for reading, but libations and donations for the readers are always welcome. We hope to see you there and for festivities before and after.

Saturday, May 4, 7pm
2837 University Avenue in North Park (Entrance on Utah, across from KFC. Map)
San Diego, CA 92104

Contact: K. Lorraine Graham: klorraine(at)gmail(dot)com