“What’s the Use?”
November 3rd 2012

Organized by the There Goes the Neighborhood collaborative
A day of programming in association with Living As Form (The Nomadic Version)*


You are invited join us on November 3rd for “What’s the Use?”; a day of programming organized by the There Goes the Neighborhood collaborative.


The first event of day will include a workshop called “What Goes Where and Why” from 2-5:30pm on November 3rd, 2012. This workshop is targeted at local advocacy organizations working various fields in the city of San Diego.  At this workshop all attending organizations and individuals will participate in a collaborative workshop to delineate the organization’s current initiatives and obstacles with the intention of sharing these with other attendees.  Ultimately a document will be produced that outlines your specific initiatives in relationship with the larger goals of the attendees as a whole with the intention of producing connections between each group that can help further each other’s endeavors.
This document will be blown up to a large scale (in size, not number of pages) and handed over to whatever mayoral administration takes office after the election on November 6th.  It will also become a concise record of the specific actions that are important to those organizations as well as a general outline of what needs to change at the most broad level. This workshop will take place at the Linkery.  Free snacks and drinks will be provided. Unfortunately there are only 30 spaces available for this event so please RSVP asap to info@theregoes.org with the names of the individual from your organization that will be attending and organization name (please limit this to 3 people from each organization maximum).

After this workshop you are invited to join us for the rest of the day’s public events taking place at Art Produce Gallery.  These events include “You Are What You Eat” a free dinner hosted by TGTN in which the contents of your meal correlates to how you view yourself as an active community participant.  After “You Are What You Eat” TGTN will hold a second iteration of “Critical Postcards”.  Critical Postcards is a series of short (20-30 minute) interviews that take place via Skype with artist and activists from around the country whose work engages public space in innovative ways.

The Schedule for the day is as follows:

“What Goes Where and Why”
2pm to 5pm
@ The Linkery 3794 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104
RSVP required for this event only (30 spaces available)

“You Are What You Eat”
6pm to 7pm
@ Art Produce Gallery Garden 3139 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104Free and open to all
Free and open to all

“Critical Postcards”
7pm to 9pm
@ Art Produce Gallery Garden 3139 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104
Free and open to all

Critical postcard are live skype conversations with artists and activists from around the world working on publicly engaged projects. Postcards that night include:

Jake Levitas:
Research Director for the Gray Area Foundation For the Arts (GAFFTA).  GAFFTA is an organization that brings together the best creative coders, data artists, designers, and makers to create experiments that build social consciousness through digital culture. GAFFTA is the nation’s leading organization dedicated to furthering the use and advancement of creative technology for social good and artistic advancement. In this capacity, we maintain relationships with the world’s top academic researchers, innovative corporations, visionary artists, and civic leaders. By continually engaging and connecting this diverse community with challenges and opportunities, we extract forward-thinking technological solutions with proven capacity to create positive change. http://www.gaffta.org/

Glen Wilson:
Having included his recent film in the last iteration of There Goes the Neighborhood, Wilson will discuss the art space he operated on Ray street in North Park in the late 1990’s. The space led to a film project included as part of InSITE ‘97 called ‘You Are Here” (named for the space itself).  Wilson’s film captures a snapshot of what the neighborhood was like before current gentrification. Recently Wilson has been revisiting North Park in order to continue the work on the film started some 15 years prior by examining changes from his time in the neighborhood through the current moment.  We will discuss Wilson’s film and these changes over time.

Reception and live Music by Island Boy
@ Art Produce Gallery Garden 3139 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

Free and open to all


What’s The Use?* is a neighborhood colloquium organized by There Goes the Neighborhood (TGTN) collaborative. (http://theregoes.org)  TGTN is a group of artists that facilitate creative forums for activists, advocacy groups, artists and concerned citizens to discuss issues relevant to the organizational strategies of our cities; to rethink how this planning is done; and to make connections across individuals and organizations in hopes of finding solutions to some of our common problems. We do this by mixing the spontaneity and fun of community arts festivals with the probing analysis of academic conferences to produce an artful forum for discussion.

Core TGTN organizers on this project:
David White, Stephanie Lie and Jessica Sledge.

TGTN collaborative members are:
Micki Davis, Elizabeth Chaney, Stephanie Lie, Jessica Sledge, David White & Megan Willis

*What’s The Use? is programming developed by TGTN for Living As Form (The Nomadic Version) at the University Art Gallery at UC San Diego.  Living As Form is sponsored by Creative Time. Chief Curator of Living as Form is Nato Thompson. http://www.creativetime.org/programs/archive/2011/livingasform/about.htm