From October 4th through December 14th 2012 Agitprop will be participating in Living As Form (the Nomadic Version) at the University Art Gallery at the University of California, San Diego.  This is an exciting exhibition student writing paper because we get to team up with some really great people on this project.  For this exhibition Agitprop and collaborators (Rosanne Anthony, Josh Bellfy, Joy Boe and Kirk Hinkleman) are doing as follows:

Enabling Neighborhoods

For Living as Form (The Nomadic Version) Agitprop will facilitate an incubator project called Connect San Diego (CSD).  CSD is spearheaded by Kirk Hinkleman whose aim is to design a program that assists people with developmental disabilities in establishing independent living practices through the mapping of localized “assets”.  This program typically begins with what is called a “Person Centered Plan” that diagrams the goals of an individual so as to specify relevant assets to be mapped.  “Assets” can range from technological devices, to the available knowledge of fellow community members, to the physical designs of the built environment, and so on.

In the incubator space occupying the UAG Agitprop will implement a strategy of “asset mapping” to extract knowledge resources at the UC San Diego campus as a method of assisting Hinkleman in developing CSD.  This will result in a series of meetings with researchers from UCSD in the gallery space whose work may inform Hinkleman’s development of CSD as it emerges as a practice.

In parallel, CSD will apply strategies of asset mapping typically used in assisting people with developmental disabilities to Agitprop.  This allows Agitprop to act as case study for CSD while simultaneously establishing a plan of action for Agitprop as a project to evolve over time. These meetings will take place in the incubator space at the UAG as well.  All meetings will result in a series of workshopped diagrams that record the planning process and those involved.

Visitors with relevant knowledge to share with either of these projects are also encouraged to attend these meetings.

Additional partners in this installation include Rosanne Anthony, Joshua Bellfy and Joy Boe.

Dates and times of meetings:

    • Oct 9th 10am-12pm – Agitprop – “Person Centered Plan”
    • Oct 30th 12pm -2pm –  How to begin CSD?
    • Nov. 13th 10am-12pm – Other strategies of asset mapping?  
    • Dec. 11th 10am-12pm – CSD/Agitprop combined final meeting.

Some images of the installation:

photos courtesy of Joy Boe