Hard Shoulder – Closing Reception
Exhibition by Shane Anderson

Saturday July 28th 2012
7pm to 10pm

2837 University Ave.  (entrance on Utah St.)

Hard Shoulder is a series of photographic images that depict now obsolete objects disregarded on the freeways throughout Southern California after they blustered out of the owners vehicle. Each image from the ongoing series isolates one found item, photographed at the high speed of freeway traffic. Hard Shoulder captures neglected detritus that has lost its original function or use. The debris, fragmented, smashed, and splintered as it makes it way to the concrete parapet, has washed up on the shore of the freeway.

Shane Anderson is an artist and educator based in San Diego, California. His work explores issues related to landscape use and how it is viewed and utilized. Shane’s work investigates our relationship to our environment, and ways in which we occupy, build and shape the contemporary landscape. Shane was raised in Montana. He currently lives and works in San Diego, CA.