red cross

On Saturday the U-T San Diego editorialized on the impending removal of a public artwork from the San Diego waterfront.

The editorial begins with a full paragraph quoting former U-T art critic Robert Pincus on his response to the artwork in question. It then states the following: “These criticisms discount the undeniable reality that, from the day the 6,000-pound sculpture was unveiled at the park at Tuna Harbor, it has been hugely popular with real people.”

The clear implication — that the artwork was disliked by Pincus, but popular with “real people” — is that Robert Pincus is not a real person.

Such casual dehumanization of an an arts professional is newsworthy, and merits the attention of anyone with a personal commitment to the arts in San Diego. When contemplating the U-T they must now ask themselves:

  • Am I real?
  • If I am, then how precisely is it that I’m real while Robert Pincus is not?