cog•nate collective

Something to do with crossing…

UCSD VAF 404 Gallery

December 6 – 9, 2-6pm

Opening Reception Dec. 7 @ 6pm


For some, migration requires blending into the desert geography while crossing the border, and, once in the United States, blending into the urban landscape. Clothing allows for the latter: the appropriate outfit will divert attention and suspicion from authorities. This has led migrants to take articles of clothing they find hanging on clotheslines in yards of houses near the border, to make themselves inconspicuous. Something is left in the place of what is taken, creating a system of informal exchange in neighborhoods like those near the border in Calexico, CA.


This informal system is replicated in the gallery space, as visitors are encouraged to exchange a photograph of clothing hanging on a clothesline, for a piece of actual clothing that will take its place. The clothing collected at the end of the exhibition will be photographed and serve to replicate the installation at a later date, in a different context.


Please bring an article of clothing if you would like to participate in the exchange.


The gallery hours will be from 2pm-6pm from Tuesday to Friday. On Wednesday, it will be open until 9 pm for the reception (which starts at 6pm). And it will also be open by appointment, by contacting