Hello friends,

The SATELLITE Project will be culminating in “PACHANGA ORBITAL” on Saturday November 12, and we would like you to come celebrate with us at the border!!! All of the work produced by participating artists–Constanza Camelo, Adaptive Actions, Cognate Collective and En Masse–will be on view between 1pm and 7pm.  Elizabeth Chaney will be leading a kite-building workshop using recycled plastic bags that will result in an intervention with children, and there will also be poetry reading by Tijuana’s Collectivo Intrasigente, and a musical intervention spun live by DJ Ganas (aka Gary Garay). As always, there will be plenty of Mexican food to feast on and refreshments to imbibe.  All of this is happening at the Mercado de Artesanias de la La Linea, located in the San Ysidro Port of Entry in Tijuana, B.C., Mexico (Directions included below).

For more information about the event and the artists participating, please visit:


Misael & Amy

cognate collective





If you are Walking across (our suggestion):

Take the 5 South, and exit on “Camino de la Plaza” (last U.S. Exit) and park in one of the lots in San Ysidro near the border. The closest ones are right off the exit “Camino de la Plaza”, one to the right of the intersection (which is $7) and one that is closer that you can reach by going straight past “Camino de la Plaza” on “Camiones Way”. You will walk down “Camiones Way” until you get to the entrance of Mexico, where you will walk past a set of revolving metal doors/turnstiles to enter Tijuana. You will keep walking straight, passing a small checkpoint for people with baggages, and you will KEEP STRAIGHT when you come upon a fork in the paths to get to the streets. You will see that there is a path that diverts you, to your right, leading to a corridor that exits onto the street near a McDonalds. DO NOT TAKE THIS PATH, KEEP STRAIGHT. You will pass another set of revolving doors, and to your left you’ll see a building with a silver-shell-like roof. Pass that building, ritght before getting to the TAXIS (immediately behind the public phones), you will find a pedestrian bridge that will  lead you over the street and cars coming into Mexico, and also over the cars waiting to cross into the US. That bridge will connect you to the market, which is the set of small red shops with billboards on the roof beside the lanes of cars waiting to cross into the US. To get to the market, you will take the path from the bridge that descends past the small fenced off park. You made it!

If you are Driving across (we only suggest this if you are familiar with the city):

Take the 5 South, and exit into Mexico. After you pass under the first bridge move to the right most lane. As you are passing under the 2nd bridge, there will be a street on your immedate right that you will need to take (DO NOT FOLLOW THE LANES THAT TAKE YOU UP THE RAMP). You will then come upon a triple fork in the road, you will have to take the middle lane, so NOT the one to your far left (to the left of the concrete division), and NOT the one that will take you to the street to the right. If you take the middle lane you will pass under a bridge and see a large (strange) mural with icons of the city, and come to a stop sign. Continue straight until the following intersection (at the corner of the Pueblo Amigo Hotel), where you will have to turn left. On this street you will pass a parking lot to your right and a Salon de Fiestas will be on your left. You can park in this lot, but it is a farther walk to the market. So if you want to park closer, continue onto the following intersection, a very large one. You will be able to turn left into one of three lanes: you will want to turn into the one farthest from you, the one closest to the parking lot on the corner (DO NOT TAKE THE MIDDLE LANE–THAT IS THE LINE TO CROSS BACK INTO THE U.S.). The entrance to the lot is off the street to your right (It is $2 for up to 5 hours, and $3 for the entire day). From here, you will walk across the street, and be able to see the lines of cars waiting to cross. Follow the cars north towards the US exit and you will see the market to your left, across the traffic. To get there, you will have to take the pedestrian bridge tha goes over the cars, or you can weave through the cars. You made it!


If you have any questions, ask Misael at mgd001@ucsd.edu, he will draw you a map.