From The Sugar Museum’s Kickstarter page:

“My project is a mini mobile museum of sweeteners, which I call MMMsweet cart. The mobile cart presents information about artificial and natural sweeteners by traveling the streets of San Diego and possibly other cities in the future. Adults and kids will be invited to participate by taste testing sweeteners, playing a game, taking a quiz, inventing a sweetener, creating a new soda, etc.. The world of sweeteners is about as complex as food itself. I’m fascinated by where typical packaged food comes from and how it’s made. Food Scientists and the food industry work together to create new products for consumers and most of us get fooled by the advertising and the excitement of a new product.

I began a few years ago with designing the mobile cart to resemble an old fashion ice cream cart. I struggled for months to create characters to go with each sweetener. I was inspired by Charlie Harper’s style of illustration and I studied Pokemon characters. I painted lots of creatures with my two kids, until I finally found some that could resembled sweetener heros.

The ironic heros on the trading cards are meant to recruit followers to be concerned about what they eat? My big questions are, What are these sweeteners doing to our bodies? Which ones are better than others? How do we decide what sweeteners we should eat, if any?

The sweetener mobile cart includes a collection of natural and artificial sweeteners in jars. At every event, I will unveil a new trading card. The trading cards will be given away for free and include a donation jar to fund printing costs for future trading cards. I anticipate about 18 trading cards distributed over the first year of the project. Nine trading cards have been completed but I need funds to print the cards and pay the graphic designer to set up more trading card designs. I also need funds to purchase sweeteners for tasting events and soda invention activities. Thanks for your support.


$520 initial printing costs of the first 9 trading cards, 1000 each.

$300 graphic designer cost to set up the front and back of the next 9 trading cards

$180 for sweetener samples, soda making supplies and photocopying for public events.

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