Masters of the Obvious Create

the Sublime

San Diego Premiere Oct. 29


Landscape frames our days: trees or flowers, sidewalks and walls, city parks or private gardens. But who envisions this framework for our daily lives? Women in the Dirt is an award-winning, feature-length documentary about seven landscape architects. Women in the Dirt reveals how these self-described “masters of the obvious” create the sublime: sustainable and beautiful.


The film will debut in San Diego Saturday, Oct. 29, at the San Diego Museum of Natural History. Director Carolann Stoney will be present for Q&A, together with several of the women featured in the film. The event begins at 6:30 pm with a reception. Tickets range from $15 to $30, with discounts for students and members of our local partner organizations.


The museum is located in Balboa Park, at 1788 El Prado. To purchase tickets, visit our event registration pageVisit the Women in the Dirt website for more about the film.


Special thanks to our local partners: San Diego Botanic GardenSan Diego Floral Association, San Diego Horticultural Society, San Diego Chapter of APLD, Women’s Museum of California, San Diego County Flower & Plant Association, Mo`olelo, and San Diego Women’s Chorus.

Women in the Dirt Trailer 1 from Wind Media Productions on Vimeo.



What Viewers Are Saying


Women in the Dirt reveals landscape architecture’s unique status as a modern profession founded by both men and women. This history is graciously deepened by vignettes of seven contemporary women landscape architects. Director Carolann Stoney has selected top landscape architects whose contributions to American landscapes will now receive their due. Just as anyone can enjoy histories of women artists, Women in the Dirt is gendered in its subject, but not its audience. This movie reawakens us! Everyone watching will remember their own sacred places.”

Katie Kingery-Page, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, Kansas State University


“I really love the visuals, the choices of what you covered, the women who spoke (and the stories they told and the way they told them). I am overwhelmed! This is an important film for design students to see, but also for everyone else.”

Sarah Kinbar, Former Editor-in-Chief, Garden Design Magazine


“In a masterful work, Carolann Stoney introduces us to seven, talented, articulate, passionate women who design our landscapes.  Every young person in search of a career should see this film; it’s that inspiring!”

Karen C. Hanna, Professor of Landscape Architecture, Cal Poly Pomona


About the Film


Women in the Dirt focuses on seven women: Cheryl Barton, Andrea Cochran, Isabelle Greene, Mia Lehrer, Lauren Melendrez, Pamela Palmer, and Katherine Spitz. Their projects highlight their architectural and landscape principles while passionately advocating sustainability, safety and beauty. The film recognizes their contributions as both artists and scientists, as it documents the beautiful, practical and eco-conscious works they create. Though some of their work can be found in various publications, this is the first documentary to bring the collective works of landscape architects to a larger audience.


Each woman is interviewed in her office and in gardens or parks she has designed. The film explores personal aesthetics and approach to the discipline. Some of the gardens featured in the film are among the most photographed in the world. We visit Greene’s famousValentine Garden, designed for a private client, and Melendrez’ magnificent project for the Los Angeles Staples CenterWomen in the Dirt shows that, beyond the squares of lawn and concrete in suburban sprawl, a new landscape approach is being adopted. It is elegant and beautiful, and most importantly, sustainable.


Women in the Dirt debuted in Asheville to a sold-out audience. Screenings continue across the USA, in the UK, and Spain. Please contact us if you are interested in booking the film for a screening.