Call for Participants:
Three Crises.  A Satellite

Session I  Oct. 22th- Nov. 19th 2011
Session II Nov. 26th- Dec. 10 2011

@ Agitprop space
2837 University Ave. (North Park, entrance on Utah st.)
San Diego CA 92104

What: Three Crises: a Satellite.  An open seminar to discuss the historical development of the current economic crisis and how we got here.

When: Seminar Begins Saturday October 22nd from 3PM to 5PM; with encouragement to participate in the International Day of Action Against Austerity ( , , ) on October 15th the week prior to beginning.

Where: Agitprop space in North Park  2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah st.) This project is a local satellite of a seminar based out of MessHall in Chicago where it is being organized and led by theorist/activist Brian Holmes.  

We will relocate to Civic Center in San Diego

in solidarity of Occupy San Diego

after first meeting .


How: Through a series of weekly meetings we will be using the posted texts from MessHall to facilitate the conversation locally.



In June of this year a proposal was made to hold a seminar with aims to “develop a framework for understanding the present political-economic crisis and for acting against and beyond it”. The seminar is based at Mess Hall, an “experimental cultural center” in Chicago.  We would like to propose a satellite, with aims of better understanding and intervening in the crisis, as it is felt in the context of Southern California/San Diego.
The Mess Hall seminar began on September 17, 2011; lectures and readings are posted to  A significant amount of networked activity/gestures toward resistance have taken place since September 17 (re: #OccupyWallSt., #OccupyLA, #OccupyChicago, #OccupySD).  We will commence on October 15, with participation in local gestures organized around the International Day of Action Against Austerity ( , , ).  Our first official meet will then take place on Saturday October 22nd from 3PM to 5PM, we will meet at Agitprop Space (behind Glenn’s Market, entrance on Utah, in North Park), to begin a formal conversation around the historical development of structures that underlie the necessity of networked resistance, in which social relations are re-coded solely in economic terms.
An extended description of the seminar at Agitprop follows: 

“By undercutting social solidarities and destroying ecological equilibriums the neoliberal program of accelerated capital expansion immediately spawned its neoconservative shadow, in the form of a military, moral and religious return to order.  Nothing could have made better cover for the denial of democratic critique, the clampdown on civil liberties, and the continuing budgetary shift from social welfare to corporate security.”
Brian Holmes, “Continental Drift: Activist Research, from Geopolitics to Geopoetics.”

Impacts of the aforementioned “budgetary shift” are strikingly apparent in San Diego County, with the privatization of public institutions, such as UC, the effects of encroaching development on natural systems, and the omnipresence of D.O.D./D.H.S. (and supporting industries) throughout the county.   We believe it has become crucial to understand these impacts, as evident in Southern California, in order to develop some means of direct public intervention.
During Session I of the satellite seminar at Agitprop, we will host a series of discussions orbiting around texts posted to the Mess Hall website, flurries of text around #occupy___, among others selected for their relevance to the context of San Diego/the Californias.  Through discussion, we would like to solidify a framework to develop a series of “interventions,” which may take any number of forms (including performances, texts, cartographies,, to be actualized in Session II.
To read a full description of the seminar, as proposed by Brian Holmes, please visit ).









This satellite is organized with the help of Elizabeth Chaney, Jeanine Webb, Cara Baldwin and David White