Searching for a new occupation?
Out of work out of time out of mind?
Feeling under-valued isolated?
Life lost meaning as worlds turn dangerously around?
Conventional wisdom upside down?

Occupational poetry is practice that aims to use relevant
meaningful action to re-charge sluggish lives
Whether nurse waiter lawyer day laborer or cook
Occupational poetry provides hands-on creative responses to
existential-social-financial-political downturns

Occupational poetry has proven effective against loss of function
onset of apathy and alienation from democratic processes
Is best when practiced in groups
Cannot be applied effectively at home alone or in the privacy of your own room
Should be practiced in public with others who share an interest in returning
humor love sanity and balance to lives jobs communities and beyond

Wake up! Realize you are not alone
Millions of others across the globe have already changed their lives
thanks to benefits of occupational poetry
Best thing about occupational poetry
Everyone can do it
Occupational poetry is D.I.Y.
Become an occupational poet by following four simple principles and four basic steps

The principles are
EMPLOY reason to penetrate obscurity of mass advertising and fog of media disinformation
VISUALIZE/ACTUALIZE life without corporate patterns of production and consumption
(less bland more flavor less processed more local)
ACTIVATE network of friends and collaborators who think and feel the same
CREATE enthusiasm for changing how America does business by
engaging in forms of mass occupational poetry

The steps are
STEP ONE Following the four principles compose a song or perform a skit
Write a poem or paint a picture
Invest in bold tip marker and poster board
Make signs that express conviction in short pithy messages like
B a n k r o l l A m e r i c a N o t K S t r e e t
STEP TWO Identify offices of bad corporate players in your neighborhood
STEP THREE Transport friends signs paintings poems performances funny hats
noisemakers skits & etc to sidewalk in front of bad corporate player’s office and occupy
STEP FOUR Relax and enjoy while occupational poetry happens

Gaining mastery of occupational poetry leads to application in other facets of life
Within short periods of time practitioners will be able to
Occupy heads while lying in bed
Occupy feet while walking on streets
Occupy eyes while looking at skies
Occupy time with presence of mind
Occupy space by standing in place
Occupy existence through acts of resistance