I recently came across the below excerpt from a talk given by Noam Chomsky in which he mentions the current state of affairs of the UC system and its’ systematic dismantling through deliberate policy decisions from once being the best public higher education system in the world into a system that more closely resembles Ivy League private schools.  It should come as no surprise that strategies of wealth transfer from the bottom to the top and the dismantling of quality, affordable and accessible higher education go hand in hand.  Two years ago, on March 4th, students at UCSD protested in large numbers against the fee increases proposed at the time (an increase of nearly 33%); fee increases that were ultimately implemented.  It is not difficult to see the similarity in pattern that the increased fee structures at UCSD have in relationship to the Bailout packages given to Wall Street:  borrowed money meted out to large numbers of individuals at the bottom to ultimately pay for corporate externalities (corporate research and risky speculative investing, respectively).

Since March 4th 2010 little has changed at UCSD with new tuition hikes rumored, libraries closing and services being cut daily; while students increasingly rack up large quantities of debt for what eventually ends up as a de-valued diploma due to degree inflation. Simultaneously Federal and State plans ($1.3 billion dollar plans) are underway to expand the I-805 freeway to further accommodate and expedite the transfer of cheaply produced goods across the border at Otay Mesa while increasing the capacity to regulate the passing of bodies across the same space and other border crossings.  Its seems products have more rights to adequate infrastructure, free exchange and open passage than people do. That is, unless those people are paying interest.

Toward the end of this video Chomsky speaks to the fact that much of the opposition from elites toward Social Security is not so much economic concerns, but rather that Social Security implies a social solidarity among individuals.  It implies that people should care whether the kid across the street has an adequate education etc. It seems, despite the lack of specific demands, that this is what “Occupy” is really about. Combating the atomization of the individual in order to begin the process of working against the forces stated above and mentioned in the video below. Tomorrow afternoon is a chance to begin this process locally.




From Occupy San Diego Facebook page:

@occupysd We are peacefully occupying San Diego’s Civic Center in Downtown San Diego – the 99 % WILL BE HEARD !!

Only 1% of people in this country own and control the wealth, while 99% struggle, suffer while being denied a share of the wealth and quality healthcare.

In solidarity with the occupation of and vigorous protest on Wall Street, we are people of the 99% are occupying and protesting in the Gas Lamp Quarter and downtown area of San Diego, from October 7th 2011 beginnning 4:30 PM until indefinitely. Gas Lamp/downtown is in the same area of the financially corrupt San Diego County administration and financial hub.

ALSO: Since San Diego is one of many hubs of military activity, we are exercising this opportunity and right to protest and demand an end to corporate financial backing of the present useless wars being perpetrated by our country, which is inundated with greed and aggression . We support the troops, who are really a part of the 99% of the American people, manipulated by Wall Street and the 1%.

The plan is to actually camp out in the aforementioned areas until a list of our demands in solidarity of the Wall Street NYC occupation are met or sincerely heard and considered by representatives of the financial and county conglomerate of San Diego .

We must be open for ideas, sharing and horizontal, equal leadership and representation.

Map to the occupation area at San Diego Civic Center:


Occupy San Diego Facebook page: