On September 10, 2011 Dita von Teese performed her burlesque show at MCASD’s Monte Carlo fundraising event.


Dita’s in the art (museum)
Doing illicit things America
Divine intervening trance-angel
Dancing imploring titillating attracting
Devotion – is this Art?
Devolution? Innovation? Transcendence? Adult
Disneyland? Intelligentsia take aim!

Diotema in the alley
Daring imitation that’s assumed
Distraction in the attic
Denoting ill treatment always
Despite impulse to arouse
Dangerous instincts to alms
Dementia increasingly touches Artaud

Decoding information TN A
Dollars inscribe, thumbtacks approach
Dance improves terrific abs
Deleted instantly time accelerates
Dionysus – is that art?
Dominatrix inside Tolstoy’s angel
Danger is terribly appealing

Dharma is true activity
Damaged id thinking aloud
Does inspire tragic answers
Declaring insanity, trashing allegory
Drinking in tomorrow’s art angel
Drinking in teats of absinthe
Drowning in tumescent anatomy
of Dita