Dita Von Teese performs at the San Diego Museum of Art’s La Jolla location on September 10th. Um… that’s interesting.

I’m about to start working on a reality show shot-on-location in a strip club, so I want to harp on, for a moment, about the fact that it’s not the subject matter that bothers me.

Other things bother me.

First, it was the Sticker Shock-mode and depression that I fell into when I saw the $650 Price Tag. Instantly, that threw my chances of attendance out the window. And I keep getting these emails and heavy-weight, fancy, mailers (via US postal) that remind me how poor I am each time they are received. Attend “The Gala”, for only 650$. Fuckers. As a low-end member of the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, do they really think I can afford that? WE can afford that?

Second, San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art as a venue for a Burlesque Show? Ok. Basically, feels like MCASD is saying that contemporary art needs to bring in some T&A to sell itself. That’s what the people want to see. Sexy performance and not even disguised as art. Straight up burlesque.

Third: Please see where “all proceeds benefit”.

Burlesque for kids?