Deepak Chopra, has a new video game out.

You think I’m kidding?

Ok, well it well it’s not out quite yet, but it will be soon. The spiritual advisor and self-help guru (to the stars as well as to anyone with 10$) can now help gamers relax, work on their breathing, and play. The title of the “game” is  Leela (which is said to mean “play” in Sanskrit).

Using your Xbox, your Xbox 360 Kinect’s technology to be more precise, you can interact with some pretty trippy-looking environments (see above and trailer) as well learn about the seven chakras, meditation, and Buddhist relaxations techniques. Humm, quite different from the world my brain conjures up when I think about Xbox.

According to an interview/article by Tracey John that I came across on an Xbox site, it seems Chopra has much grander intentions for Leela.

Taken directly from Tracey John’s interview– Chopra says:

“My biggest, loftiest goal is to see how this game will actually accelerate neuro-development into adulthood. I want to speak to people who are doing research on things like Alzheimer’s disease to see if we can do functional scans before and after people play this game. My hope is to be able to do a functional resonance scan on somebody’s brain and show in six months how this brain is way more evolved than when it first started playing the game. So that’s one end of the spectrum.”

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