The first projects of the 2837 University are underway.  Here are two videos that we used to begin the conversations.  The first is from a talk by Sir Ken Robinson on changing educational paradigms.  While our humble project obviously is not directly connected to schools etc. one aspect that we hoped would come out of it was a platform for re-thinking the way people (of all ages) learn. As you can see from the original CFP back in January of 2011 many of the ideas contained within this video run in parallel to the foundational ideas of the project and the statement composed by the initial participating group.

A second goal of the 2837 University is to unearth some aspects of the neighborhood that are overlooked, underutilized or undervalued and then to eventually use this information to help maximize the use of these spaces and eventually have these spaces become the “campus” itself. To begin we watched an oldie but a goodie: The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces by William H. Whyte. It is an examination of what makes public spaces socially functional. While not directly related to overpasses or small business that create micro-communities this video is a good starting point as a strategy for looking at both of these spaces.

If you still would like to participate in either of these projects, feel free to jump in at any time. These projects are an open forum. The next meeting is Saturday 8/13 at 1pm (Non-Articulated Communities) and 3pm (Crossing I-805) at Agitprop and continue every Saturday until September 10th.


William H. Whyte – Social Life of Small Urban Places from Robin van Emden on Vimeo.