Indianapolis, IN — Beginning tomorrow, August 12th, environmental artist, Katherine Ball, begins her month and a half long residency on a floating “20 feet in diameter…fully inhabitable experimental living structure”.

This structure, known as Indianapolis Island, is actually a work of art commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art and created by artist Andrea Zittel (currently Joshua Tree, CA resident) as part of her body of work exploring shelters and structures — especially small, sustainable, and inhabitable shelters and structures.

Since the work was commissioned last year, residents (local art students) have lived on the island (see definition three of ISLAND: inhabiting the fiberglass, foam, and mixed media structure during the summer months. The museum’s intention is to have four summer residencies in total (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013).

Anyone need a summer vacation home?


Image of 2010′s residents Jessica Dunn and Michael Runge


Indianapolis Island Residency Blog:

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