The last time that I stepped into the Adult Puppet Cabaret (a previous rendition), I had one of those, “Jesus Christ, is this really San Diego?” moments. The unmarked warehouse located in a quiet, unassuming, industrial part of town, seemed as if it had been teleported from… well, lets just say from a larger, more bohemian city, and not necessarily even in this country. But inside this particular large warehouse, in San Diego, was a complete cabaret experience– totally amazing, and again, like very few things I have EVER seen locally.

My memory, at this point, has become a little hazy, but let me try to recount some of the adventure.

In the entryway was a car that had been converted into a kind of mobile art gallery (on the inside) and the outside was completely covered in writing– black Sharpie only. Beyond that was the toll booth. I don’t remember the fare, but it was well worth the price (the event on 7/29 is only 8$). As you entered into the space and your eyes adjusted, the scene unfolded into an amazing, carny-esque, theatrically-lit, dream-like, bizarre setting. And a stage at the far back wall came into view as the main focal point. Onstage, a costumed entertainer was jousting the (fairly large) feisty crowd, “…if I had a dollar, I’d take you on a date, ha ha”.


(video of April’s Adult Puppet Cabaret highlights:

And then…
God chimed in….

And then… there were more acts. Puppet Karaoke, shadow puppet performances, and other indescribable forms of entertainment.

There was an interactive puppet-making booth, a bar, and some of the most incredible food for sale– Indian flavored and fabulous. People came in costumes. I think I had my mouth open, in awe, half the evening.

You will see me at the next one for sure: