Ash Eliza Smith


Saturday, July 23, 2011 · 1-5PM

Westfield Horton Plaza, San Diego CA

Smack dab in the middle of Comic Con madness, Ash Eliza Smith will execute a site-specific cinema experience in San Diego’s Horton Plaza.

In 1988 Jon Jerde consulted Science Fiction Writer, Ray Bradbury, to help him build Horton Plaza in San Diego. Bradbury wrote the essay entitled “The Aesthetics of Being Lost” where he divulges the true benefits from being the embodied experience of being or feeling “lost”. Ash Eliza Smith w…ill mix Bradbury’s notions of play and imagination and use the camera to explore notions of desire and spectacle/spectator.

In this world the year is 2075 and we are on Planet X (Nibiru). We follow a group of young adults who have been sent by their parents from Earth to work as Earth Mall Mascots. These youth are older now, disgruntled and just want to go back to EARTH. The only way to go back to Earth is to win the ELPUNTO at the HUGEMASSIVESALE where the Maul Mauls are playing.

It’s Warriors meets Breaking 2 meets early Eighties London Punk dystopia featuring different Mallrat gangs (The Coutures, The Animals, The Technos, The Eyestar) who gossip, loiter, dance, and make surveillance cinema with Indy flair all as a waiting game to hopefully one day win the lottery to go back to Earth.

Featuring live performance by local and national actors, dancers and musicians including a special guest appearance by the band The Maul Mauls featuring members of Beaters, Raw Moans and Ale Mania.

Saturday July 23 1-5 PM
Horton Plaza
San Diego, CA
Various Locations in the MALL

by Ash Eliza Smith
Choreography by Christine Herde
Wardrobe/Styling by Cassandra Berner
Makeup by Charlene De La Torre

This event is curated in conjunction with the San Diego Museum of Art.