Spiral Bound opens at 214a Gallery, a new gallery space on the La Mesa campus of National University. The exhibition presents notebooks by forty artists — twenty from New York, twenty from San Diego — in a wide array of media: video, yellow legal pads, leather-bound journals, and loose sheets of paper aspiring to codex status.

The San Diego artists are Robert Andrade, Sadie Barnette, Doris Bittar, Annette Cyr, Mike Davis, Raul Guerrero, Craig Kane (New York actually), Chris Karadambikis, Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, Adam John Manley, Duncan McCosker, Timothy Neil, Roy David Rogers, Ernest Silva, Miriam Sievers, Cauleen Smith, Mark Siprut, Perry Vasquez, Ruth Wallen, and David White.

The New York artists are Judith Bernstein, Matt Blackwell, Nancy Bowen, Tom Burckhardt, Mary Carlson, Yi Chen, Dawn Clements, Susan Fang, Susanna Heller, Eve Laramee, Yasue Maetake, Scott Malbaurn, Howard McCalebb, Joe McKay, John Monti, John O’Connor, Halsey Rodman, Anne Thulin, Victoria Ufondu, Daniel Weiner, Allan Wexler, and Letha Wilson.

This exhibition is the first installment of National University’s developing art program.

Spiral Bound at National University