5 from 1 artist Margaret Meehan in Gun & Knife Show
co-curated by Heyd Fontenot and Julie Webb

read Margaret Meehan’s post discussing the thematic issues addressed in the exhibition statement on Glasstire HERE


On January 27, 2011, less than three weeks after the January 9th mass shooting of nineteen people in Tucson, Arizona, which included Arizona U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, the Utah State Senate and House of Representatives voted on a measure that declared the .45-caliber handgun the official state firearm. Even an event as significant and frightening as this one could not dissuade those under the fetishistic spell of weaponry from conducting a homage to their object of desire and devotion.

There are countless examples in pop culture, where power and virility is equated/represented with/by firearms. From action movies to rap lyrics to political campaigning, the gun is an essential and reoccurring prop. Perhaps accounting for the prevalence and frequency of such imagery, they almost certainly have a relationship to the erotic, and thereby introducing an appropriate and complex dichotomy of attraction and repulsion.

Both the gun and the knife were developed by members of our own species, with the specific intention of using them to destroy the very biological material and tissues of which we are composed. These inanimate tools of destruction and persuasion can challenge our mortality and well-being or bring us some sense of comfort and control, which is wholly dependent on which end of what is pointing your way. The simple presence of armament will universally illicit visceral reaction.

Participating artists include Leon Alesi, Sterling Allen, Nick Barbee, Tony Barsotti, Chicks Bill, Camp Bosworth, William S. Burroughs, Louie Cordero, Chris Crites, Jack Daws, Leah DeVun, Margaret Evangeline, Al Farrow, Faith Gay, William Gaynor, Charles Hancock, Bootsy Holler, Donna Huanca, Bruce LaBruce, Jeffrey Lee, Lance Letscher, Dotty Love, Marne Lucas, Margaret Meehan, Katrina Moorhead, Tim Roda, Royal Robertson, Alexandre Rosa, Tom Sale, Joshua Saunders, Brian Scott, Roger Shimomura, Taro-kun, Karlo “Kaloy” Olavides, Dan Phillips, Robert The, Terri Thomas, Bruce Lee Webb, Barnaby Whitfield.

The gallery at Centraltrak is located at 800 Exposition Avenue in Deep Ellum, a historic neighborhood of downtown Dallas.

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