Designing Geopolitics: Computational Jurisdictions, Emergent Governance, Public Ecologies, is an interdisciplinary conference that will organize scholars from a wide range of disciplines and professions around these critical issues. We have made initial invitations to participants from the Visual Arts, Political Science, Philosophy, Systems Ecology, Engineering, Computer Science, History, Architecture, Literature, Interaction Design, Anthropology, Information Sciences, among others. We have also extended invitations to key strategic thinkers at some of the private companies whose work most directly bears on our issues. The conference program will align the design, the humanities with technologists and scientists and will place Calit2 at a critical interface between these academic and private missions. The event is supported by UCSD through  Calit2, the  Division of Arts and Humanities, and the  Department of Visual Arts.


All presentations will be  streamed live.


For additional information about the event and the speakers please visit: