This past weekend as part of the 2837 University project Stephanie Lie led a Aerial Balloon Mapping project using a weather balloon with point and shoot camera attached to it. The camera was programmed to take photos at spaced intervals of time. The balloon was tethered to three different lines for stability and control by the operators. This was a one day event that we hope will be indicative of some of the courses the 2837 University will offer this summer. Participants included: Cristina, Mina, Liz, Brent, Omar and John and Byron. These photos are from Switzer Canyon near 28th and Maple.

City of San Diego Parks and Recreation map of the trails in Switzer Canyon:

Lie is also in the process of photographing and documenting┬áSan Elijo Lagoon. The photos below are from along highway 1 from Las Olas restaurant to Seaside beach. She hopes that this technique can used for people to make a personalized, localized “google earth” type image of their own; and to document particular explorations for comparative examination.