We hope you can join us this Saturday, May 21, 7pm at Agitprop for a reading/performance by novelist and poet Doug Nufer.

Doug Nufer (Photo credit: Melanie Masson)

Doug Nufer writes prose and poetry based on formal constraints. His novels include Never Again (Black Square, 2004), where no word is repeated, and Negativeland (Autonomedia, 2004), where a negative appears in every sentence and the story runs backwards.  His most recent books are the poetry collection We Were Werewolves (Make Now, 2008), and the just-released novel By Kelman Out of Pessoa (Les Figues).  After getting a poem and a story placed in Chain and Fence respectively, he tried in vain to find a magazine named Link that would publish him.  Recently he discovered that he has a homonym twin whose books are available on Amazon Kindle. Don’t be fooled.

Agitprop readings are free, but wine and donations to the gallery are always welcome. For more information about the Agitprop Reading Series and Agitprop Art Space, visit our webpage or join our Facebook group.

We hope to see you there and for festivities before and afterward.