Orientation Day Saturday May 14th 2011 2-6pm

 2837 University Ave 
San Diego, CA 92104

In January Agitprop conducted a 6-week study to see if a “University” could be assembled out of existing spaces in North Park and environs. This study was done through a call for participation.  The subsequent 30 or so participants in the study included educators, activists, small business advocates and artists.  The conclusion was an astounding “Yes”, it could be done.  The 2837 University is moving forward and in doing so is asking for further participation.  On May 14th 2011 from 2-6pm we will be holding a one-day series of events to bring attention to the 2837 University project and promote upcoming “courses” being offered this summer.


More info here: http://agitpropspace.org/the-2837-university/

Orientation events:

Aerial Balloon Mapping with Stephanie Lie- meets @ Agitprop 2pm-4pm

Using a camera attached to a tethered weather balloon, participants in the workshop will take aerial photographs of the environs surrounding Agitprop to produce an alternative map of their neighborhood.

Organic Boundaries with Lori Lipsman @ Agitprop space 2pm-6pm

Using a blank map, participants will outline their perspective on what the un-official boundaries of North Park are.

Fish Cutting Demonstration-  meets @ Sea Rocket Bistro  3pm

Sea Rocket Bistro
3382 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 255-7049

Sea Rocket Bistro, a restaurant that focuses on local food, will be doing a Fish Cutting Demonstration. Executive Chef Chad White will show you what to look for to ensure you pick the freshest fish possible from your fishmonger, show you how to cut and fillet a whole fish, and offer ideas on how to prepare particular kinds of fish for the best tasting meal!

Tire Inflation Free Clinic with Richard Gleaves @ Agitprop space and nearby 2pm-5pm
Tire Inflation Free Clinic gives drivers useful tips and info on maintaining proper air pressure in the tires of their cars.

By maintaining proper pressure in their tires, drivers can improve their gas mileage and save up to $200 per year in gasoline costs.

i like your parking by Jenn Moreno – ongoing around North Park 3-6pm

i like your parking is a zine distributing project for the etiquette of parking your vehicle in the City of San Diego. As an ongoing participatory piece, i like your parking, asks the average driver to be on alert for those who break the common courtesy rules forparallel parking.

2837 University Q&A with Agitprop director David White  at Agitprop 6pm

Have questions about the 2837 University? What is it? Why are we doing it? What conclusions did we come to during the study? How can you be involved?  This will be a time to ask and get more info!

RSVP for any of the above events to: contact@agitpropspace.org

Above events are free, but donations gladly accepted

Also, Courtesy of “The Boulevard: the El Cajon Business Improvement Association”
Taste of Little Saigon
Saturday, May 14th, 1 – 4 pm

Price: $10 in advance, $12 the day of the event
Presale tickets available at Hoai Hue – 4660 El Cajon Boulevard #102

Experience the Little Saigon District, Taste a variety of Vietnamese Food, and Embrace the Culture of the San Diego’s Vietnamese Community on El Cajon Boulevard

Restaurant Participants: A Chau, Pho King , Minh Hoa, Song Huong Food To Go , Hoai Hue, Cali Baguette Express, Maxim’s Seafood Restaurant

Public Readings from the 2011 One Book, One San Diego selection, The Ganster We are All Looking For

Free Guided walking tours available to Taste of Little Saigon participants

Brought to you in partnership with the Little Saigon Foundation, El Cajon Boulevard BIA and One Book One Saigon

Contact Beryl Forman for more information: beryl@theboulevard.org or (619)283-3608



Also as part of the Orientation day:

Closing Reception for:

Inside the Digital Scriptorium: New Works by Tim Schwartz

Closing Reception – 7pm-10pm, May 14, 2011

@ Agitprop  -2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah.)

Inside the Digital Scriptorium is the culmination of a five month trip
 around the United States by artist Tim Schwartz, exploring what might
 be lost as archives, museums, and libraries become digital. The works 
in this show attempt to identify the space between physical objects 
and their digital surrogates and in some cases fill that gap. The
 works include a series of botanical prints which explore the loss 
between high resolution scans and archival web images, a pair of books
 which identify the space between a physical and digital book, and a 
set of pages from various authors that investigate with a missing page 
from the wild west.