EXTRACTION: SAN DIEGO ART WORLD INSIDERS — A New Web-Based, Reality Show Starring Local “Art World Insiders” to Air at the New Agitprop Blog http://agitpropspace.org (Coming Soon!)

San Diego, CA – March 15, 2011 – Inspired by the open framework of the Agitprop project, Extraction: SDAWI (the reality show/art project) aims to promote integration, open dialogue, and cross pollination between some of the many diverse groups of artists and art organizations in the San Diego/Tijuana area.

Each episode of this web-based, reality TV-style show will follow an established San Diego art world professional as they are extracted from their comfort zone, taken-out of their particular arts-network, and dropped into a new art scene and new geographical location.

In Episode One, Executive Director of the San Diego Fine Art Society, April Game, will be taken to the Voz Alta Project gallery space in Barrio Logan to see the work of artists from Studio 767, a tattoo studio in the Chula Vista neighborhood.

By co-opting the model and techniques used in “reality TV”, the Agitprop team aims to experiment with pop culture media communication and potentially reach a different and wider audience than might be available with other methods of documentation.