You are invited to join in a round-table discussion of The Candy Store:

Saturday November 21 @ 7:00 PM

Agitprop (North Park)

2837 University Ave. (behind Glenn’s Market on Utah)

San Diego, CA 92104

The discussion will focus on the project (currently on view at La Casa del Tunel: Art Center in Tijuana) and issues surrounding the general state of healthcare today.   The panel will consist of the artists, a pharmacy owner from Tijuana, and others knowledgeable in the field.  Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences navigating the system and thoughts on issues ranging from health insurance to the marketing of pharmaceuticals and current trends of medicating children with powerful mood altering drugs.  Select objects from The Candy Store will also be on view in the gallery.

“They (The Klines) also poke at the escalating trend of United States residents crossing borders to buy medication from Mexico and Canada that they cannot afford to buy in the States. The added facet of a drug-smuggling tunnel transformed into a cultural venue transformed into a drug store makes the project even more significant, meaningful, timely and edgy.”

-  Pasadena / San Gabriel Valley News Journal

The Candy Store (La dulcifies): Dispensing Truth

“The Candy Store” simultaneously attracts and repels viewers, exposes the inherent conflicts in the international healthcare industry, and the legalities and illegalities in the world of pharmaceuticals.   The Candy Store is a retail space featuring “inconsumable products” made out of controlled substances (a.g. tobacco Teddy bears and Vioxx ceramic candies) adding meaningful visual spectacle and humor to the dialogue surrounding healthcare issues and bridging boundaries between art, science, sociology and activism.

Contact: Agitprop,

Debby and Larry Kline 760.432.9436 or

La Casa Del Túnel: Art Center, Luis Ituarte 323.574.9197 or

The Klines’ work can be seen at