Dear Friends,

We are doubly lucky this November. We are very
pleased to hold a special event and welcome Andrew Joron to Agitprop
on Tuesday, November 10th.

Andrew Joron
Tuesday, Nov 10
Agitprop Gallery
2837 University Ave. (in North Park)
entrance on Utah St.

Andrew Joron is the author of The Sound Mirror (Flood Editions, 2009),
Fathom (Black Square Editions, 2003), The Removes (Hard Press, 1998),
and Science Fiction (Pantograph Press, 1992). He is also the
translator, from the German, of the Marxist-Utopian philosopher Ernst
Bloch’s Literary Essays (Stanford University Press, 1998), and of the
surrealist Richard Anders’s aphorisms and prose poems. Andrew Joron
lives in Berkeley, where he works as a freelance bibliographer and