Satellite Ensemble II: An Event of Creative Transience

Satellite Ensemble II: An Event of Creative Transience




May-30th 2009 Agitprop, 3:00-5:00 pm; 2837 University Avenue 
Lui Velazquez, 4:00-9:00 pm; research papers for sale Calle Jose Maria Larroque #273, 2do Piso, Int. 6, Colonia Federal, Tijuana, Baja CA

Trolley Rides Every 30 Minutes to Tijuana
Bring Passport and $5 for Transportation

There are many spaces between neighborhoods in San Diego and Tijuana that resonate with stories from the personal to the universal. The everyday occurrences such as a daily commute are often dwarfed by stories that reach the world news about wall extension, immigrant rights restriction, drug cartels, or viral infection. However what is lasting though perhaps not spectacular and rarely news worthy, is the mundane, daily ritual completed by thousands.

Satellite Ensemble II is a multi-sited series of creative works by UCSD artists that explore border issues between San Diego and Mexico. There will be artwork on display at Agitprop, in North Park, and Lui Velazquez, in Tijuana; the transit between the two spaces will also showcase performance pieces from participating artists.

Crystal Z Cambell: Edible Borders is a two-cake, two-country, one-border work. A separate cake will be displayed in two destinations, one specifically at AgitProp in North Park, and the other at Lui Velazquez in Tijuana. The identical twin cakes are parallel in scale with a medley of artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors. The two cakes in Edible Borders are part of a larger conversation of sweet, yet guilty and ambiguous pleasures derived and consumed via an artificial boundary.

Chris Head, Micha Cárdenas, Elle Mehrmand, Katherine Sweetman, Felipe Zuniga and Camilo Ontiveros combine efforts in an ongoing collaborative piece, The Freephone Project. Through performative gesture Head, Cardenas, and Mehrmand aim at drawing attention to the Freephone that provides assistance to people in need who enter Tijuana.

The Satellite Ensemble was founded by MFA students in the Visual Arts Department at UCSD. It engages the San Diego community through multi-venue activities and exhibitions, encouraging new explorations in the field of contemporary art. This project strives to engage the public and contribute to a dialogue for visual art in the San Diego area. For more information about Satellite Ensemble please contact Claire Zitzow.

The Satellite Ensemble is sponsored and supported by UCSD’s Visual Arts Department.


A little history…

April 11th, 2009: Agitprop & Lui Velazquez
On April 11th at 4pm, artists, writers, thinkers, musicians gathered at Agitprop in North Park (University Ave & Utah St.) for a day of travel and discussion. With passports and exact change in hand we rode public transit bus and rail to San Ysidro and walked to the Lui Velazquez art space (Calle Jose Maria Larroque in Tijuana). This hour and twenty minutes of travel through a small cross section of southern California was inatended to be the catalyst for creative works to be showcased at and between both venues. With our freshly invigorated minds and energy, we spent the evening of the 11th discussing our visions for projects however ephemeral, immediate, or monumental.

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