Please join us for the closing reception of “Security For All”

Saturday April 25th 2009 7-10 pm


(4) Artists

We have shared a myriad of daily-lived experiences: personal, generational, and contextual questions and insights. In a place like Mexico City we experimented with artistic resistance, growing up in the moment where an artistic scene was forming. Over time, we saw museums, schools, galleries, and collections emerge from the labored efforts of contemporary artists born and raised in the “city”.


Argentinean born Rodrigo Sastre decided to leave the University of Buenos Aires in his last year of study. He had come to the realization that his education was “incomplete”. He enrolled in “La Esmeralda” School of Art in Mexico City, seeking a different analytical paradigm. Since then, he has worked under the tutelage of established artists. Over the last seven years, he has worked in his principle medium, drawing, with an intense focus on North American popular culture from the 80’s.

Hector Ivan Delgado (MX) belongs to the Educational Public Institution in Mexico City. From this work (the total bureaucracy) he has developed workshops on social justice and equity.

Orlando Díaz (MX) is a studio artist, with a primary interest in painting. He has forged a pictorial engagement with invented characters, and a collection of anecdotes that reflect the human capacity for destruction.

And , Judith Pedroza, with an unusual education between Design and the Arts, has spent the last few years working in collectives with the idea of bringing groups with different art interests together in dialogue. Most recently, her life has been occupied with various endeavors: Changing her area of academic study, exchanging books with professors and students, and battling with political groups, “Grupos de choques,” to save her family home in Mexico City.