Dear Friends,

We hope you can join us this Saturday, February 7 for the next reading
in our regular space at Agitprop Gallery (2837 University Ave in North
Park, entrance on Utah, a few blocks west of 30th Street), featuring
Amina Cain and Saehee Cho. We often serve wine and snacks, and
donations to the gallery are always appreciated.

Amina Cain is the author of I Go To Some Hollow (Les Figues Press,
2009).  Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in publications such
as 3rd Bed, Action Yes, Denver Quarterly, Dewclaw, Emohippus Greeting
Card #2, The Encyclopedia Poject,La Petite Zine, Sidebrow, and
Wreckage of Reason, and has been translated into Polish on
MINIMALBOOKS.  Recordings of her stories exist as part of the
exhibition “A Diamond in the Mud” at Literaturhaus Basel, and the
Moles Not Molar “Transmissions: Signal to Noise Ratio” radio show.
Recently she co-curated When Does It or You Begin? (Memory as
Innovation), a month long festival of writing, performance, and
video.  She lives in Los Angeles.

Saehee Cho is an MFA candidate at Calarts whose fiction has been
featured in Shrapnel and Ex Nihilo.  She holds a BA in Literature/
Creative Writing from UCSD and currently resides in Los Angeles.

We hope to see you there and for all festivities afterward!

Saturday, March 7
2837 University Ave in North Park. Entrance on Utah.