Dear Friends,

After a winter hiatus, the Agitprop reading series is back!

We hope you can join us this Saturday, February 7th, for this event only, the Agitprop Reading will take place at Art Produce Gallery, 3139 University Ave. On the corner of University and Herman, next to Cafe Carpe Diem. This reading will feature VANESSA PLACE and
TERESA CARMODY. We often serve wine and snacks, and donations to the
gallery are always appreciated.

Vanessa Place is a writer and lawyer, and co-director of Les Figues
Press. She is the author of Dies: A Sentence (Les Figues Press), a
50,000-word, one-sentence prose poem; the post-conceptual novel La
Medusa (Fiction Collective 2), and, in collaboration with
appropriation poet Robert Fitterman, Notes on Conceptualisms (Ugly
Duckling Presse
(2009). Place is also a regular contributor to X-TRA Contemporary Art
Quarterly, and is collaborating with Los Angeles conceptual artist
Stephanie Taylor on the film, “Murder Squaredance at the Spiral
Jetty.” Her nonfiction book, The Guilt Project: Rape and Morality will
be published by Other Press in 2010. Place is co-founder of Les Figues
Press, described by critic Terry Castle as “an elegant vessel for
experimental American writing of an extraordinarily assured and
ingenious sort.”

Teresa Carmody is the author of Requiem (Les Figues, 2005) and two
chapbooks: Eye Hole Adore (PS Book, 2008) and Your Spiritual Suit of
Armor by Katherine Anne by Teresa Carmody (Woodland Editions, 2008).
Other work has appeared in various publications, including emohippus
greeting card 1 & 2, Bombay Gin, Fold, Slope, American Book Review, LA
Weekly and Stolen Purse. She was one of the organizers of the original
Ladyfest in Olympia, Washington, and co-organizer (with Matias
Viegener and Christine Wertheim) of Feminaissance, a colloquium on
women, experiments and writing at the Los Angeles Museum of
Contemporary Art.  She is cofounder and co-director (with Vanessa
Place) of Les Figues Press.

We hope to see you there and for all festivities afterward!

Saturday, June 7th
2837 University Ave in North Park. Entrance on Utah.